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ATVS Roundtable: Bowl Talk

We give our preferences for LSU’s bowl hopes.

NCAA Football: Fiesta Bowl-Penn State vs Washington Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

With the Tigers still holding on to the College Football Playoff top 10 and some high-profile bowl slots available, where would you like to see LSU go bowling this year?


Somewhere we haven’t been, Fiesta, against Michigan rather than UCF. UCF is probably a lose-lose situation without Milton playing. Finally playing Michigan would be great.


Since our Sugar Bowl Dreams were dashed by the refs on Saturday, I’d be pleased if we made it to the Fiesta Bowl, not only because it’s a new one for LSU, but because for some reason I feel like I could use the dancing lady emoji a lot and make a killer seven layer dip.


Fiesta. New location.

UCF. New opponent.

This way when we win ugly everyone in the media will both be mad that we got a NY6 Bowl and subsequently pick us to finish fifth in the SEC West again.


Fiesta would probably be my choice, as LSU’s never played in the Fiesta Bowl. And then keeping in line with that, give me Michigan, who LSU has never played. UCF would be fun, I love what they’ve got going on and it would be cool to potentially be the team to end their long win streak (albeit w/o Milton), but I want Michigan. Never played them, it’s another marquee opponent and a chance to open and close the season with statement wins, there’s similarities between the programs. It’s not as fun as it would have been with Les, but still the game I want.


What do I want? Peach against UCF. I’d like a trip where I could reasonably attend in a game I actually want to watch.

What will likely happen? Fiesta or worse, Tampalando against Michigan. I don’t want to watch LSU’s offense against Michigan’s defense. I just don’t and I feel like most other people wouldn’t either. I would like to unsubscribe from this narrative.


Another year, another bowl roundtable where I plead for the powers that be to make LSU-Michigan happen. These are the two programs with the most combined wins who have never each other, and there’s no reason why we can’t get this game done. There’s no longer the Les Michigan Man angle, but now we have a QB who started at Ohio St, so we’re also virtually guaranteed to win.

I’m already booked to go to New Orleans, so it won’t affect my travel plans, but I want us in the Fiesta. It’s a bowl that not only have we never been to, but it’s a major bowl that rarely has SEC teams in it. An SEC team hasn’t gone to the Fiesta since Tennessee went in 2000, and an SEC hasn’t won the Fiesta Bowl since 1999, also Tennessee. It is the only SEC win in Fiesta Bowl history. Let’s double that total.

I’d also like to say how much I truly enjoy that LSU lost to Texas A&M and the playoff committee essentially ruled that it didn’t matter, and we’re likely going to a New Years Six Bowl anyway.


Sign me up for anything different. The Fiesta Bowl would be cool. New place, new timeslot, and the better chance at a fresh opponent, like a West Coast team or a mid-major.

That isn’t to complain about a Peach Bowl spot, Atlanta is a fun trip and even if the game is played on Dec. 29 it’s still technically a NY6 bowl, so that comes with some panache and, assuredly, another marquee opponent.

Anything besides another Florida bowl game against a non-Michigan Big 10 team.