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Eating With Ed, Week 10 - Arkansas

The atmosphere. The walk down Victory Hill. The jam-packed student section that was a huge factor in two consecutive Alabama false starts to kick off the action.

All the elements were there, and LSU wanted it. But instead, they were shut out in Tiger Stadium, 29-0.

“What a great crowd, a great Tiger walk I want to thank our fans,” Ed Orgeron said. “Tremendous atmosphere. They did everything that we asked them to do. I was very proud of our fans and the Tiger walk and the whole atmosphere of going into the game.”

The Tigers prepared well for the rivalry, but Alabama prepared better. Orgeron also mentioned the Crimson Tide showed some looks that LSU hadn’t seen and weren’t expecting to face.

“There was some different runs that we hadn’t seen,” he said. “There were some different coverages. They played some coverages more than they played against other teams that played against us, so.”

There may have been no other one player that struggled more against the Alabama defense than quarterback Joe Burrow.

“He’s been good,” Orgeron said of the signal-caller. “But at the end, Steve was kind of mad at him because he was looking at the rush a little too much. At one time we said, he said he needs to be a little bit more patient. I said it’s a little tough down there to be patient and you know he was under duress most of the night. And he needs to learn how to hang in there, but I think for the most part he was.”

With quarterback Myles Brennan having officially taken a redshirt, questions have swirled about him getting reps.

“You know, Myles Brennan is ready to go every game,” he said.

There was a point in which Orgeron and the coaching staff did consider giving Brennan a shot, but decided against it due to an injury.

“The time that we could give him some reps (Ole Miss) I asked him and he was just nursing a slight injury,” he said. “Then all of the other games have been so tight that we just kept Joe in there. There’s three games to go, there’s several players that can get more reps and still get red shirted, but I do want to put them in at the right time, I don’t want to put them in at the wrong time and I want to make sure that he’s ready to go in. But again, if Joe would get hurt, he’s going in, he’s our quarterback and I believe in him.

Coach O also mentioned that Saftey John Battle is “50/50” and questionable for this weekend.

No. 9 LSU (7-2) will face the Arkansas Razorbacks (2-7) on the road on Saturday at 6:30 p.m. CT.


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