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Tiger Tracklist: Arkansas

Air ‘em out.

NCAA Football: Southeastern Louisiana at Louisiana State Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Pure, sweet, violent hearts.

Believes the signs we see in the cards.

Believes the signs we read in our dreams,

But we seem to follow the stream.

What’s it going to be with the violence?

What’s it going to be with the fire rides?

By this point, you should know what to expect heading into the Arkansas game. This is is the fourth straight year where LSU catches a Razorback team a week after an emotionally charged loss to Alabama. And the story remains the same: a Tiger team with a lot left to play for cannot afford to suffer a Bama hangover.

I understand that it’s hard to get worked up for Arkansas a week after Bama stomped LSU given all the build to the game, but this game is just as important as the one last week now. LSU is still very much in line for a New Year’s Six bid and a 10-win season. 29-0 stings but Orgeron has the recruiting ball rolling faster and faster. He couldn’t deliver on his “We comin’. And we ain’t backing down” promise this year but 2018 is lining up to end a lot like 2010 did. Now is the not the time to throw that momentum away after one bad game.

“Shit’s fucked up,” said the cards of the tarot.

They ain’t know my DNA match with the pharaoh.

I exact revenge at the end of a barrel.

Eyes on the prize, it’s the young black sparrow.

I cannot be stifled, grippin’ on the rifle.

Team moving through the concrete jungle like we tribal.

And it won’t be easy.

2016’s 38-10 game was the first time LSU delivered a complete performance in Arkansas in a long while. Even still, it will be a cold night game with a fan base and a first-year head coach hungry for a feather in the cap win. We have seen time and time again that Arkansas crowd more often than not rises to the occasion more than LSU fans do in this series.

On paper, LSU should easily put this one away. The Tigers are favored by nearly 10 points and have a talent advantage at every single position. Yes, including quarterback.

But we have seen emotions get the best of LSU before this game and sack all the emotion out of it. They bucked the trend the last two seasons, now they need to erase it completely and be ready to play for 60 minutes Saturday night. LSU lost the battle last week but the war is still in play.

Don’t let Alabama beat you twice.

I came, I saw, I came, I saw.

I praise the Lord, then break the law.

I take what’s mine, then take some more.

It rains, it pours, it rains, it pours.