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And the Valley Drinks: Southern Craft’s Murder Bean

New brew that’s on the lighter side of the darker side.

Billy Gomila

Southern Craft brewing is the other shop here in Baton Rouge. Still small, but they have some quality offerings — flagships Redstick Rye and Pompous Pelican, in addition to having excellent names, are good, quality spring/summer time beers.

Likewise, their newest offering has a pretty excellent name as well: Murder Bean.

Untappd lists it as a coffee stout, but it’s much more of a dark ale with coffee flavor mixed in. If you’re a fan of the flavor of darker beers, but can’t handle the heft of a stout or a porter, this is a good way to get your feet wet with the style.


This one has a nice warm, roasted aroma, but with a very light texture on the pour. Flavor on the opening has a good, rich and malty start, then pivots hard into the roasted coffee flavor. Nice warm beverage that gives you that cold weather flavor of a stout without the body. Very drinkable. Four stars out of five.