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ATVS Roundtable: Tigres en la Fiesta

The gang talks LSU’s first ever trip to Fiesta Bowl.

NCAA Football: Louisiana State at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Well, LSU will be taking on Central Florida in the Fiesta Bowl. Do we like this?


I called it. Please make me the master and ruler of the universe.

People keep calling this a lose/lose, but I don’t see it. UCF has well earned the national media’s respect at this point. They haven’t lost a game in 2 years. If LSU snaps that streak, it’ll be a major accomplishment. If LSU loses, well, that’s just because UCF is a really good team like we’ve been telling you all along.

This is perfect. Fresh opponent. New location. It’s the first bowl I’m actually excited about since LSU last played in the National Championship.


LSU’s got the chance to shut a lot of folks up if they play well and beat UCF. And they very well could — LSU’s the best team UCF’s played all year. (LSU could also totally bungle this, but let’s stay positive.)

We started the season out with a big win with everyone watching, let’s end it that way, shall we?


Does that make Dan Sid Vicious?

It’s new -- LSU’s first ever appearance in the Fiesta Bowl, and against a team we’ve never seen before either. Yeah, it would be nice to get Michigan for the novelty purpose, but Central Florida is a new opponent and quite frankly, a more prestigious one right now.

The Golden Knights are on a 25-game winning streak, and that’s pretty damn hard to do in college football, I don’t care what conference you’re playing in. Yeah, the 10-win plateau would be pretty nice on its own, but if you can do that AND take down a team like this? That’s a helluva win and a great way to frame the 2019 offseason right from the jump. It’s a fantastic opportunity. And yeah, no McKenzie Milton, but his replacement just put up 400 yards of offense to key a huge comeback in the AAC Championship Game. They’re going to be ready.

Marquee spot, great time slot on New Year’s Day. Fresh locale for fans to make the trip and for the players. This is about as good of a situation as LSU could ask for, short of the Sugar Bowl.


I mean, nothing really changed from what I said in the last round table. It doesn’t matter who the opponent is, get a win in a national attention-grabbing game, impress recruits, and get back on the recruiting trail.

I hate to be the one that has to burst the UCF bubble given my affinity for them, but with McKenzie Milton out LSU needs to leave no doubt. LSU is 3-3 in the bowl games but those have mostly been BS games held in the confines of Tamapalando, Florida. The Tigers need to re-establish themselves as a national power by becoming a mouthpiece for the national narrative and putting the Knights in a body bag.


Very excited to watch LSU in a new venue. Unfortunately, as I said, I’m not sure much can be gained by beating UCF without their star QB. Of course, we don’t wanna just be 2017 Auburn either. Not having either starting corner is going to be tough with the vertical passing game they present. Hopefully the front 7 can dominate them up front.


UCF is good, and LSU is going to be missing both of its starting corners plus Breiden Fehoko up front. This is going to be a real challenge for the defense, which will be forced to come up with answers while short-handed. This is going to be a tough game, as any New Years Six opponent would be.

But I expect the team to come out super pissed after the A&M screw job. This is a chance to show off in front of a national TV audience and launch next year’s title campaign. Get to ten wins, break that streak while breaking UCF’s win streak. Then start campaigning for next year and bringing the band back together.


This “no-win scenario” talk I see going around is really just ridiculous. UCF has won 25 games in a row. They’re a better team with Milton obviously, but you don’t win 25 games because of one guy. If LSU is the team that ends that streak, that is one hell of an achievement, and to do it to get 10 wins especially, as it’d give them two wins over Top-10 opponents this year. The location and the fact it is a fun, new opponent are nice bonuses as well, in addition to what it sets up for next year as a launching pad if LSU can call pull off the win.