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Playing “Nice” with Black and Gold Banneret

Jeremy is back helping us figure out what exactly we’re playing for here.

We kind of got our fill on overtime this year. So if this one ends up tied in regulation, what if we decided things by a joust?

Well, we have a sword and a pegasus and a Knugget (look him up). Knights are far better at jousting than Tigers, so thanks for the win.

What do you think about putting some sort of championship belt on the line in this one? Maybe something like the United States championship?

A belt sounds nice, but UCF will claim a national championship if they win. Rings will be handed out and national championship bonuses will be given. UCF doesn’t want a belt, they want championships and a legit shot at it.

So after experiencing beating Auburn and now having Florida duck you, do you kind of feel like an unofficial SEC member?

God Bless Football. God Bless ‘Merica. And May God Bless The SEC.