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And the Valley Drinks: Tin Roof Manchado

Local brewers have a new stout that’s worth trying.

Tin Roof Brewing

Tin Roof has been around 10 years and really found their groove with some fun seasonals and special releases. Plus the brewery/pub is a fun hub for events that can work for families, singles, college kids, what have you.

They’ve even mixed up their wider releases as of late, and put out a special new stout a few weeks back that’s definitely worth a pick-up: Manchado Mexican Coffee-Style Stout.

This inky, viscous stout was inspired by chocolatl, which is an ancient Aztec spiced chocolate drink. We added cinnamon, orange peel, chocolate and kilned coffee malt to replicate this beverage.


They’re not kidding on ‘viscous’ part. Thick texture, with kind of a syrupy pour. But it has a great coffee bouquet. The opening is a kind of mellow opening, with some light malty sweetness, then a hard roasted finish that is cut nicely with the spices to give it a bit of a zesty kick at the end. I don’t know that I pick up the cinnamon or orange that much, but there’s definitely something. A kick of flavor that cuts through that chocolate and coffee. Good cold weather beer for a Friday night in front of a fire pit. Four stars out of five.