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Cole Tracy, Greedy Williams Miss Out On National Awards

Tigers come up snake eyes on awards night.

NCAA Football: Louisiana State at Auburn Julie Bennett-USA TODAY Sports

LSU cornerback Greedy Williams and kicker Cole Tracy both came up short at ESPN’s college football awards ceremony.

Georgia’s DeAndre Baker took home the Jim Thorpe Award for the nation’s best defensive back, while some guy who’s less important beat out Tracy for the Lou Groza award.

Seriously, they gave the best kicker trophy to somebody that gets to play his home games in doors. Whats-his-name made three more kicks than Tracy (28 versus 25) but they had the same number of misses and one guy got to play six games in a dome.

Baker was very good for Georgia this year, so that pick is at least defensible. Although if we’re all being honest, Grand Delpit was the best defensive back in the country this year and wasn’t even nominated.

Tracy can at least go drown his sorries in his parents’ kick-ass bar.

And we can remember that time he kicked a game-winner against Auburn.