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2018 LSU Baseball Walkup Songs, RANKED

Let’s judge the music tastes of a bunch of 18-21 year old athletes.

NCAA Baseball: College World Series-Florida State vs LSU Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

By now you’ve seen dozens of takes on LSU’s newest crop of walkup songs, but only one site has the gall to rank them, only one journalist/blogger hybrid has the stones to compare them on objective values:

  • Quality and Fit of the song selected
  • Novelty of the song
  • Iconic Status of the song.

We’ll work our way through all of each as we weave our way on down from top to bottom

  1. Antoine Duplantis: Saint Motel | My Type

Duplantis has used the saxophone and handclap intro to My Type for all three of his years as a Tiger, leading us to believe it’s the only song he knows or he recognizes how distinctive it is and how tied to him it is to people who spend more time in the Box than they probably should. But after three years I’m granting it iconic status and for me the song will forever be associated with him

Also, it’s a very good song and easy to clap along to even if you’re well oiled as LSU students and fans tend to be, so those factors really push this one over the top.

2. Jake Slaughter: The Black Keys | I Got Mine

I’m actually mad I didn’t think of this one first. The opening guitar riff to I Got Mine is perfect for a walkup song: it’s bold, loud, and very distinct. Plus, like all other Black Keys tracks, it’s a good song. Well done Jake, you made sportswriters everywhere proud.

3. Zack Hess: X | Wild Thing

I mean, come on. After Hess went Super Saiyan in the postseason last season and the Wild Thing meme was born, it would be more surprising if he didn’t pick this.

Of course, the song would be more fitting if he was still in a closer role, but I’m not going to fault him for doing what he needs to do to for the betterment of the team.

4. Daniel Cabrera: Shakira | Hips Don’t Lie (Batting), Jibbs | Chain Hang Low (Pitching)

Gonna be honest, I’m a fan of the Hips Don’t Lie for the novelty just like everybody else, but the choice of Chain Hang Low for his pitching song really is what puts this over the top. Two solid novelty picks

5. Caleb Gilbert: Cream | White Room

Raise your hand if you expected to see Cream in this list.

Not put your hand down you pathological liar.

As far as college walkup songs go, this is a damn deep cut and I respect it. I’m going to have to experience it live to really judge how it fits for a starting pitcher, but I like the direction Gilbert went with it.

6. Nick Webre: Martin Solveig & GTA | Intoxicated

I got out-hipstered by a freshman baseball player. I had to actually look this song up, I’m getting washed up.

But I like what I heard as a walkup song, especially if they use the break that happens at the 30 second mark. And if Webre mashes like he has in the scrimmages, then this song could quickly ascend into iconic status.

Gonna need to see it live, though.

7. Josh Smith: Baby Bash | Suga Suga

Another novelty pick, this one is good but honestly, for the duration of time it’s going to be played I think it’s going to hard to get the full effect out of this. The hook to the Robin Schulz (which I like unironically) would have bettered this choice.

But it’s still a pretty good pick, and I’m not just saying that because Josh is from my neck of the woods and our paths have apparently crossed multiple times before.

8. John Krodos: The Isley Brothers | Shout Pt. 1 & 2

If you’re asking “Who and what is a John Krodos”, he’s a freshman left-handed (!!!) pitcher who has probably seen Animal House and enjoyed it.

I too have seen Animal House and enjoyed it.

9. Hunter Feduccia: Ice Cube | Check Yo Self

Not sure if he intended this to be a novelty pick or not, but I know either way you slice it I think it will work out well as a walkup song.

10. Matthew Beck: Stevie Wonder | Superstition

Always nice to get one of Stevie’s best song involved in our baseball.

Also probably a subtle commentary on how superstitious baseball players and fans can be, something that comes out of a place of respect for the past and an urge to honor it even though it it directly leading to a decrease in overall interest in baseball. Beck is likely telling us that it’s okay to embrace

Oh and by the way, Stevie ain’t blind.

11. Todd Peterson: Kevin Gates | I Don’t Get Tired (#IDGT)

11. Taylor Peterson: NF | Warmup

12. Brandt Broussard: Mac Miller | 100 Grandkids

13. Devin Fontenot: AC/DC | Hell’s Bells

14. Nick Bush: Kanye West | Power

15. Will Reese: Steely Dan | Show Biz Kids

16. Ma’Khail Hilliard: Meek Mill | Wins and Losses

17. Nick Coomes: Borgore | Forbes (Ft. G-Eazy)

18. Clay Moffit: Guns N’ Roses | Paradise City

19. Brandon Nowak: Hermitude | The Buzz (Ft. Mataya & TAPZ)

20. Cam Sanders: Kevin Gates | Imagine That

21. Brandon Nowak: Lil Wayne & Drake | Right Above I

22. Nick Storz: Flume | Hyperreal

23. Trent Vietmeier: Bon Jovi | Wanted Dead Or Alive

24. Bryce Jordan: Migos & Marshmello | Danger

25. Beau Jordan: Brantley Gilbert | Country Must Me Country Wide

26. Chris Reid: Drake | God’s Plan

27. Braden Doughty: The Score | Legend

28. AJ Labas: Cold Creek Country | It’s About To Get Good

29. Zach Watson: Imagine Dragons | Thunder

30. Eric Walker: NA | N/A


Now the important question: What would your walkup song be?

If I was a batter, I would go with the synth break to CHRVCHES’ Clearest Blue but if I had to pick a song to play while I was warming up on the mound I’d shift that to Stevie Ray Vaughn’s Voodoo Child.