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And The Valley Projects: March 29

no clickbait food opinions here, only clickbait college baseball opinions and facts.

Peeps are fine. I won’t eat any this Easter because Peeps are a carb and or a sugar and I’m cutting those like LSU cut beating ULL in baseball ayyyyyyye and we’re back.

It’s week two of the projection cycle. We know more than we did last week, but it’s like the difference between second grade and first grade, we are still incredibly dumb. Like, seeing how long we can hold a water dynamite dumb. I may or may not speaking autobiographically here.

WatsonTiger Excel Productions, LLC.

The National Seeds The Top Eight Seeds

Oregon State, Stanford, Clemson, Texas Tech, Ole Miss, Florida, NC State, Kentucky

Okay so Florida is a top 8 team after all, we regret the error by not being overly impressed by Supreme Overlord Kevin O’Sullivan. This has been our final act of mistrust in the era of Mighty Gators.

Kentucky really snuffed out the Auburn wildfire, which is a sentence that is very weird to write when talking about college baseball. The rest of the top eight hold serve, including Oregon State who very much appears to be doing It again.

The Regional Hosts

Florida State, Auburn, Vanderbilt, Indiana, Arkansas, Wichita State, Creighton, East Carolina

Auburn and Arkansas drop in the pecking order, but not too far given how they lost to Top Eight seeds. This isn’t ‘Nam, there are rules.

Pretty much everybody else holds tight, including the Blue Jays and Shockers. I will never stop giving unproven G5/midmajor schools a regional hosting spot. FAU drops out after losing two out three to Southern Miss. In their place charge in ECU. The Pirates just beat UCF over the weekend a week after sweeping Maryland. At 18-5 with a series win over North Carolina, I’m very impressed with the Pirates’ body of work thus far.

Go ahead, tell me to log off, it only makes me stronger.

But What About The Tigahs?

Trust the process.

I know last night and Sunday were disparaging offensively, but LSU is about at the same point heading into April that they were at last season. There is plenty of time left in the season for the offense to come around and for the mashup of out of role pitchers and young arms to form a passable Voltron in time for May. Losing to Vanderbilt isn’t ideal but it is by no means a fate worse than death. They’ll hold their two seed status.

And maybe LSU won’t come around, but even if they don’t, now is not the time to run around screaming bloody murder.

Regional Of Death Of The Week

Nashville Regional: Vanderbilt, North Carolina, Virginia, VCU.

y i k e s.

I mean, complete and utter woof. This might be an all-time RODOTW. I mean, VCU is 16-8 and 3-3 against RPI Top 50 and they’re the four seed. Good luck!

This is a weekly occurrence here at ATVS. Come back next time, and remember: