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And The Valley Projects: 4.19


Hey y’all. Sorry about the absence last week, but we are in peak busy season with my job. The time off ended up being a good thing because it allows us to do a hard reset on the projections, and the results are JUICY.

WatsonTiger Excel Productions LLC.

The National Seeds The Top 8 Seeds

Florida, Stanford, Texas Tech, North Carolina, Oregon State, Arkansas, Ole Miss, Florida State

So we were planning on restructuring the Top 8 seeds last week anyway, but the seeding at the top is basically the only thing that has changed. The conference champions from the Baseball Competent Power Four all sit at the top of the totem poll, with Oregon State finishing neck and neck with ACC champ UNC. Florida is a clear runaway at the top, while the next three remain interchangeable in all honesty.

Arkansas has much, much more favorable numbers so that clears the gap between them and Ole Miss, but the Rebels have one hell of a finish to the year: a midweek pair with Texas Tech, a trip to Baton Rouge, Texas A&M, and a huge road trip to Georgia? Meanwhile the Diamondbearz own the head to head against the Hawgs and have a slightly easier path to the SEC Tournament. If both teams maintain, that seed may be decided in Hoover.

Florida State rounds out the first-class party.

The Regional Hosts

Georgia, East Carolina, Connecticut, Texas A&M, Auburn, Wichita State, Kentucky, NC State.

The Dawgs might finally be fading after dropping back to back series against Kentucky and South Carolina. That’s not a laughable offense, but it’s also something that teams that win the SEC East rarely do in the same season. Picking up the mantle for Georgia is UConn, yes that UConn. It’s very weird, just don’t talk about it and they will go away.

East Carolina had a bid to crack the Top 8 seeds before they lost a series to USF this weekend but the Pirates are very impressive and have the resume to boot. Speaking of ECU’s resume. Wichita State is on very thin ice to me. They have dropped series to ECU, UConn, and Creighton, all good teams, but three dropped series to mid majors don’t really slice it as far as regional bids go.

Texas A&M, Auburn, and Kentucky are still just hanging out in the mid to high end of the 8-16 bunch, just kind of treading water.

But What About The Tigahs?

The Regional Of Death Of The Week

College Station Regional: Texas A&M, Texas, Oklahoma, Dallas Baptist

This is by far the juiciest batch of projections yet, just for the the schools pitted against each other. Ohio State and Florida, Mizzou and Texas Tech, Ole Miss and Southern Miss, Georgia hosting Clemson and Georgia Tech, and Kentucky-Louisville. That is some grade-A spite going on, but nothing can hold the candle to the fatal three-way going on in College Station between Texas A&M, Texas, and Oklahoma. That is pure, undistilled vitriol and I want it injected directly into my veins.

The team “Regional Of Death” is figurative, but in this case it might be literal.

Watch Dallas Baptist win it all.

I really have nothing to add to that. Just sit there and let the though of that simmer. Drink it in man, but remember: