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The Joe Bureau: Latest on Transfer QB Target

Where things stand with LSU’s transfer quarterback target.

Ohio State v Oklahoma Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

As you certainly know by now, four days ago LSU received a visit from Ohio State junior quarterback Joe Burrow, who is looking to transfer as an eligible graduate, where he will immediately be eligible for two seasons.

Burrow visited Cincinnati last Thursday, and then came in to Baton Rouge with his family, including father Jim Burrow, who is the defensive coordinator for the University of Ohio Bobcats, and old friends/colleagues with LSU safeties coach Bill Busch.

Personally, I kind of thought this visit would be something of a formality, with the interest between both parties seemingly established before Burrow’s decision to leave Columbus was actually announced. Turns out, the reverse was rumored to be true: Burrow came to Baton Rouge favoring the Bearcats, with some even speculating that he would commit on Sunday.

It makes sense — Burrow’s hometown of Athens, Ohio, is just an hour from Cincinnati, and head coach Luke Fickell has a well-established relationship as Burrow’s lead recruiter at Ohio State. And it was also rumored that Fickell was willing to explicitly promise Burrow the starting job despite having an established QB in Hayden Moore.

The fact that Burrow’s recruitment has lingered would indicate that he’s definitely considering LSU now, although I’m hesitant to speculate on the degree. There was talk of a visit to North Carolina, but that no longer appears to be the case.

What does appear to be quite clear, is that Burrow is carefully considering both of his current options. Ed Orgeron and company never promised a starting job, but they also wouldn’t have brought Burrow in if they didn’t believe he had a great chance at winning it.

In speaking with a source, the Burrows have played this straight, staying in touch with both coaches and keeping media in both Ohio and Louisiana on radio silence. He reportedly wants to be on a campus working out when summer classes open in June, meaning that a decision will almost certainly come by the end of the week.

Until then, we wait.