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And The Valley Projects: 5-2-18

It is time to face the music

We’re back after another week off, but this is likely to be the last one until the SEC Tournament. But in our time away, there has been a major development...

WatsonTiger Excel Productions, LLC.

The National Seeds The Top Eight Seeds

Florida, Stanford, Texas Tech, North Carolina, Arkansas, Oregon State, Auburn, Ole Miss

The only real change at the front of the pack is Auburn creeping back into the fold. Clemson and Ole Miss was a coin flip for me, and the same can be said for Arkansas and Oregon State. That may feel low of the Beavers, but assuming the Razorbacks and Tar Heels make a run in their tournament and/or win it they should get the RPI bump.

You need a tournament, PAC-12.

The Regional Hosts

Clemson, Georgia, Florida State, Connecticut, NC State, Kentucky, Texas A&M, East Carolina

Same teams, different order with the exception of Wichita State dropping out and Florida State getting a serious RPI bump. They have probably the biggest series of the weekend when they draw Clemson.

But What About the Tigahs?

2-6 in two weeks is enough to bump LSU from the tournament entirely. And to be honest, with Arkansas and Auburn waiting in the wings I don’t think LSU can get back in. Winning the three of the remaining series will easily get them back in, but I barely think the Tigers can pick up one weekend win. And honestly, even then whatever happens in Hoover will count just as much as the Arkansas and Auburn series.

So yeah, now would be a perfect time for another 2008 run.

Regional Of Death Of The Week

Clemson Regional: Clemson, South Florida, South Carolina, Wagner

Any regional where South Carolina is a three side is a front runner for RODOTW. And that distinct vinegar taste isn’t from the barbecue sauce, rather the vitriol that comes from Gamecocks and palmetto Tigers playing against each other in the postseason.

I give you my word that we will be back next week, even if it is just to go a pre mortem on LSU’s still-beating yet lifeless corpse of a tournament chance.

Until that likely somber occasion,