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BOOZEFIGHT: Knob Creek Single Barrel vs. George Dickel Single Barrel

A battle of the high-end stuff.

Billy Gomila

We are nothing at this site, if not a fan of the finer things in life.

Fullbacks. Pulling guards. Defensive tackles. And of course, brown liquor.

Part of growing up means learning to expand the palette, and when you have the opportunity, I’m always for trying some high-end hooch. Over the last couple of Christmases, I’ve managed to pick up some single-barrel whiskey’s from Calandro’s in Baton Rouge — they usually buy their own barrel’s worth. So I decided to compare and contrast two of them: Knob Creek bourbon and George Dickel Tennessee Whiskey.

Both whiskeys are aged nine years.

Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve

Notes of vanilla when it hits your tongue, which flows into a sweet, molasses-like middle but with just enough burn to cut that sweetness and close things out. Not as smooth as you might think, but very flavorful.

George Dickel Hand-Selected Barrel

Kind of a buttery open, with a mild flavor through the middle and a bit of a sweet finish, notes of vanilla and caramel. A bit lighter than I would prefer, however. Very smooth though.

Verdict: Knob Creek

You can’t really go wrong here, but I think I prefer the Knob Creek. I’m generally a fan of whiskey’s with an oakier finish, where you can taste more of the barrel. So the Knob Creek wins out here for me — especially for the price.