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Weekend Watch Party: LSU-Arizona, 2006

Not a classic game, but definitely a memorable beat-down.

There are classic moments you always remember between classic teams, and then there are times where you just watched the Tigers eat.

On September 9, 2006, the Arizona Wildcats repaid a 2003 visit from LSU with a game in Tiger Stadium. Arizona was in year three under Mike Stoops, and were on the list of dark horse teams entering this year, led by sophomore quarterback Willie Tuitama.

I can even remember them getting some sneaky upset buzz on ESPN Gameday that Saturday — not so much “hey Arizona’s going to win,” so much as “hey, keep an eye on this one.”

LSU was ranked eighth, returning Jamarcus Russell, Dwayne Bowe, LaRon Landry, Buster Davis, etc...

The Tigers saw the Wildcats coming.

One of my vivid memories of this game was that first series. On the first play, Tyson Jackson (illegally) cracks Tuitama head-to-head late on a bootleg pass, and I swear, watching from the North Endzone the entire Arizona sideline recoiled in horror. As if they had no idea exactly what they were staring at. The game was just...over. On the first play. Arizona had 15 extra yards and were just short of midfield, and the next three plays were sack, run-stuff, sack. Game over.

On the first play.

  • Tigers hit Tuitama on his first three pass attempts, and then pick-sixed him on number four. Just an astonishing display on defense.
  • On offense, it got to the point that you just expected Russell and those receivers to make something special happen. They could make a big play look just so effortless, and I think at times that got held against them when the defense had something to say.
  • Arizona was not very good here, but still don’t see any LSU team just absolutely humiliate a power-five conference opponent like this very often.