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And The Valley Drinks: Parish Brewing Ghost In The Machine

The best beer in the state is available all summer long.

6/7/18 Ghost in the Machine

The Summer of Ghost is upon us! We are several releases into the second annual Summer of Ghost, an event hopheads in Louisiana have impatiently waited for. You’ve probably seen the four packs on shelves at your local grocery store. The cloudy purple and white background, green hop filled skull, the red laser blasting hops out the right side of the head. The imagery has become iconic. It’s also become Louisiana’s most sought after beer because it’s Louisiana’s best beer.

It’s a beer hopheads crave. It’s a prime example of a New England IPA — opaque, the color of Sunny D, and intensely flavored with bright, citrus flavored hops. Bursting with Citra hops and their tropical flavors of orange, pineapple, guava, and mango. A total juice bomb that can sometimes have hints of green onion due to the Mosaic hops. The other knock on it is that it might be either a little too bitter or pack too much of an astringent boozy aftertaste . I’ll be the first to say that I haven’t noticed any of these off flavors with this summer’s releases.

Ghost Closeup

I have bought my weight in it since it was released this May and each subsequent release. When you open my beer fridge, the first thing that sticks out is the amount of Ghost I have. Once poured into your favorite, unfrosted glass of choice it’s easy to chug, heartily sip, or chug. It goes down smooth with medium carbonation and the flavor profile makes you want to quickly come back for more. Being an 8-percent double IPA it’s a beer that can quickly catch up with you to have your intentions run contrary to your actions, but isn’t that what we all internally desire for time to time?