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Roundtable: LSU at SEC Media Days

How’d the Tigers handle themselves in Atlanta?

NCAA Football: SEC Football Media Day Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Well, now that LSU’s day is over, anybody with any takes on how things went, as far as LSU is concerned?


We start with the acknowledgement that anything that happens at Media Days is utterly meaningless BS. It’s weightless propaganda, devoid of any real news or anything approaching substance. That rather large caveat out of the way... I think Ed O absolutely killed it.

Orgeron has excelled at the PR parts of the job since taking over, and this was no different. He looked completely comfortable and it was telling that he didn’t run a long filibuster this year. He was at ease taking questions and the players who came along went out of their way to not talk of the media as some sort of faceless enemy. It’s Orgeron’s program now, and he acted like it.

He was deft with the nothing burger of a controversy over firing Canada and hiring Ensminger. I thought he had good answers that made a lot of sense: don’t make a mistake worse by refusing to admit you made a mistake. He wasn’t trying to win over the media, as I think he knows how he’s going to portrayed from here on out, so he just laid out a good, logical case and hyped up his longtime relationship with Ensminger.

Most importantly, I feel better about this team than I did last week, if only marginally so. And that’s really the whole point of Media Days, to get us excited for the season, when the real answers to the questions are revealed. But Orgeron earned the right to have his team answer those questions on the field.


It’s amazing how much more comfortable Coach O looked, but then don’t forget that this time last year, his wife was in intensive care on the other side of the country. Pretty safe bet that affected him at the time, although none of us could have known that.

Orgeron is at his best when he’s just himself. You could argue that he’s, on occasion, honest to a fault, but I’d much rather he come up and give the most honest questions he could give, as opposed to just standing at the podium and reading off a depth chart for 15 minutes (sure, Les filibustered, but at least he made it entertaining). He gave an honest answer on the Canada controversy that also managed to avoid any issues with the NDA signed in the settlement, and I think that’s a little harder than it seems.

The three players that went were pretty much the mortal locks to go and we saw that on display. Moreau, White and Lawrence are three mature, gregarious players that know how to handle media and it showed. It also helps that White is the team’s best player.

Meanwhile, it was kind of funny to watch the assorted media try to one-up each other on dismissal of LSU’s chances to accomplish much this year. The coaching staff should be able to make some use of media days beyond the camera time.


I think just about everyone can agree Media Days are an event where you can say a lot of words without giving, well, much of any information at all.

Coach Orgeron did this perfectly. Basically, what we were able to draw from the whole event is that O is “excited” about pretty much the whole team and is hoping everyone else can share the same enthusiasm. As Billy mentioned, he did look a lot more at home up there which may go back to personal circumstances.

The players LSU sent out this time in Foster Moreau, Devin White and Rashard Lawrence couldn’t have been any more solid either. All three represented the school in a very professional light, but let some personality show and kept the audience entertained for the whole event.