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LSU’S SEC Network Takeover Schedule Revealed, isn’t as bad as past years.

The SEC Network’s now annual “Takeover” weeks mark the unofficial end of the college sports offseason. It’s a period of time so dead and bereft of news that the SEC Network can’t even justify keeping the Birmingham Horror Radio Show on the air. Schools get to chose their own schedules and the results are all over the place. Many decide to air classic games from the distant past while others like Ole Miss only play a few games, then turn things over to their in-house production staff and air well produced season highlight reels. LSU’s schedule is once again very blah for the 2018 Takeover, focusing entirely on the very recent past and only featuring one item of original programming.

This schedule was pieced together from various TV listings. LSU’s Takeover day is this Wednesday August 1st, but they have made no official announcement of the schedule.

LSU SEC Network Takeover 2018

12:00 AM #6 Louisiana vs. #3 LSU (First Round) (NIT) (re-air) Men's Basketball
2:00 AM Auburn vs. LSU (W Gymnastics) (re-air) Gymnastics
3:30 AM 2017 Texas A&M vs. #18 LSU (Football) (re-air) Football
6:00 AM #12 Tennessee vs. #24 LSU (W Basketball) (re-air) Women's Basketball
8:00 AM 2017 LSU vs. Florida (Football) (re-air) Football
10:00 AM SEC Storied: Maravich Presented by Diet Dr Pepper SEC Network
11:00 AM 2016 LSU vs. Texas A&M (Football) (re-air) Football
1:30 PM SEC Storied: Shaq & Dale SEC Network
2:30 PM Inside LSU: A Year in Review SEC Network
3:30 PM Florida vs. LSU (Fourth Round) (SEC Baseball Tournament) (re-air) Baseball
6:00 PM LSU vs. Arkansas (Semifinal #2) (SEC Baseball Tournament) (re-air) Baseball
8:30 PM Louisiana vs. LSU (Site 9 / Game 7) (NCAA Softball Championship) (re-air) Softball
10:30 PM Texas A&M vs. LSU (W Volleyball) (re-air) Volleyball

As I mentioned, this year’s schedule is all very recent stuff (the basketball docs notwithstanding), the oldest game being the 2016 Football game @ A&M. That game being on this list is downright puzzling. I mean, sure, I enjoy a pasting of the Aggies as much as anyone, but do you remember that broadcast? The ESPN crew spent more time discussing the LSU coaching search (and spending a painfully annoying amount of time showing static shots of Joe Alleva sitting alone in some poorly lit suite box at Kyle Field) than they did broadcasting the game in front of them. It was annoying as hell in realtime, I doubt it’s worth sitting through again.

Football’s other entries for the day are last year’s A&M and Florida games. Wooo, I guess? At this point I realize I’m the only one who thinks this way, but if I had my druthers, I’m picking some choice LSU-Auburn games from the 90’s to run here. Last year is plenty fresh in everyone’s mind, let’s put something on that’ll be actually interesting.

Come to think of it, why isn’t LSU vs Auburn 2017 on this list? Has everyone forgotten that Auburn blew a 23-7 lead?

The Will Wade Experience gets just one entry this year, but it’s the curtain-jerking show-stealer NIT game against That School What Is West Of Here But Only Like An Hour West Of Here. Kinda sucks it’s airing so late, but y’all got DVRs.

Some good picks for Women’s sports this year. I must protest that the best team on campus gets the awful 1am time slot, but watching the Tigers earn their 2nd SEC Championship in a row is worth it. The jury is still out on if Nikki Fargas can get women’s hoops out of the rut it’s been in this decade, but the upset over #12 Tennessee is the closest thing the program has had to a turning point in a few years. Softball celebrates their NCAA Regional championship over That School What Is West Of Here But Only Like An Hour West Of Here and Volleyball closes out the night by dunking on the Aggies. Because that is what LSU does.

Baseball’s entries are basically the two best games of the year; The Florida Fog Out, and the duel with Arkansas in the SEC Semifinals. I’m interested to see how they cut together the Florida game because half the fun of that broadcast was watching the fog roll in like a scene out of a horror movie as the umps tried to figure out what to do.

The SEC Storied docs are all right, but we’ve seen them before (thank god they didn’t air The Walkoff for the 76th time this calendar year.) The “Inside LSU: A Year In Review” is intriguing only in that I wonder who produced it. Is it an in house show with Bill Franques in front of that green screen set or is it an SEC Network discussion clip show?