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SHOE JUDGEMENT: Nike Free Trainer V8

The 2018 Week Zero Collection was released Monday. What do you think?

As is tradition every August now, Nike dropped their Week Zero Collection today and LSU happens to be one of the 21 schools included in the release, as they have always been. Like last year, there is a men’s a women’s option.

The shoes cost $109 and can be picked up in-person or online from a vast variety of retailers, but for brevity’s sake here is the link.

Here are some looks at the newest line of team-specific Free Trainer V8s:



Some thoughts:

  • No, I’m not sure what exactly is going on with the Mike head on the men’s shoe. I have no concrete reason why its blurry, but I think the logo may be behind the plastic? At either rate it doesn’t look great.
  • Yes, the women’s shoe is vastly superior, both in cut and design.
  • Much like last year’s, I’m glad that they didn’t try to make the shoe all purple and gold, I think they look much better with a purple/white colorway with gold serving as an accent.
  • While I respect the commitment, if you’re one of those people who still wear wear custom purple and gold converse to tailgates you should probably do your feet a favor and join 2018 already in progress. You’d be surprised how many steps you log walking back and forth between the cooler and your chair and chasing errant ping pong balls. And not to mention walking to, around, and in Tiger Stadium.
  • I’m partial to last year’s version of the shoe (women’s version). Since I picked up a pair in the collection’s inaugural run in 2015 those shoes are pretty beat so I’m due for a new pair, I personally may pick up that pair if they are available, but the 2018’s are an upgrade to my current pair.
  • Overall, I’d give the men’s shoes a C+ and the women’s a B.

What about you, what are your thought? Are you going to pick up a pair or nah?