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UPDATE: QBs Lowell Narcisse and Justin McMillan Transferring

Redshirt freshman and graduated junior quarterbacks skip practice, decide to leave program.

Terrill Weil

UPDATE: Welp, looks like Lowell Narcisse has decided to transfer.

I tend to understand when kids decide to bail in search of playing time, but this is disappointing on Narcisse’s part. He was in line to get some playing time this year, but he’s firmly behind Burrow and Brennan right now. But there was plenty of time for that to change. This strikes me as a kid giving up a bit early.

Update 2: The other QB missing from Tuesday’s practice, Justin McMillan, announced this morning that he too is seeking a transfer.

McMillan has already graduated from LSU, which gives him the special ability to transfer anywhere in D1 and play immediately. It being the middle of August, and little more than a week before the first “Week Zero” games of the 2018 season, it’s hard to see where he could go.

Meanwhile, LSU’s QB situation is now all but set in stone. Joe Burrow will start, backed up by Brennan, with walk-ons Andre Sale and Jordan Loving behind them.

Well, LSU’s great run of personnel news ran into the second week of fall practices today, as quarterbacks Justin McMillan and Lowell Narcisse were notably absent from the afternoon practice.

Rumors circulated across various message boards indicate that the Tiger coaching staff laid out a quarterback pecking order with Joe Burrow as QB1 and Myles Brennan as the backup. It would, at least for now, appear as though the other two scholarship quarterbacks on the roster are considering transferring.

That would be no surprise for McMillan, a fourth-year junior who graduated this summer and would be eligible immediately at another school — although he would be hard-pressed to find a landing spot in time for the season to start. Narcisse would have to either drop down to junior college or sit out a year at a new FBS program.

One always had to expect that the Burrow transfer would lead to one of LSU’s other quarterbacks leaving, but losing two is definitely a setback. For Narcisse, it seems like giving up a bit early — he always faced long odds to start in 2018, coming off a redshirt year and torn ACLs in each of his final two years of high school ball. Those injuries, and how Narcisse would handle live game action were the coaching staff’s biggest concerns this past spring. Still, there was a plan to get Narcisse on the field in some capacity, with hopes that Brennan would be able to make up the redshirt year he missed as a true freshman.

Perhaps LSU will try to continue and push that angle with Narcisse — nothing has been official as of press time. Ed Orgeron is scheduled to meet with the media tomorrow evening. We’ll see if there’s anything to say about this then.