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LSU to Serve Beer In Tiger Stadium - Sort Of

“The Chute” newest premium area for drinking.

The new stadium beer garden craze has come to Tiger Stadium officially with the addition of “The Chute,” a premium drinking area in the South Endzone area that will debut this fall.

From the official release:

The Chute will be open to any fan 21-years of age or older with a game ticket. Located on the ground level of the south side of Tiger Stadium, The Chute will give fans the opportunity to purchase beer and food while watching the game and highlights on a giant-screen HD video board and numerous HD televisions.

Admission to The Chute will be $20, which also pays for two drinks. Additional drinks will be $6 each, and there will be food trucks set up to serve food.

Personally, this doesn’t move the needle very much for me — I do most of my drinking at the tailgate, and $6 beer sounds like a tourist price unless we’re talking crafts (which I doubt will be what’s on tap here). But LSU’s very interested in trying to generate more revenue in this area, and beer in Tiger Stadium is an issue that people seem to care about (and I do think the SEC’s rule is crap).

So what say you?