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Tiger Tracklist: Miami

1,2,3,4,5, that’s the countdown till I slide

NCAA Football: Virginia at Miami Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Suite 1: Intro

These ain’t the same types of hits, boy,

Shit can get litter than lit, boy.

You don’t take these type of risks, boy.

If asked I’d say, no, LSU as a program is not in a decline. I’d say they’re in a much worse situation: they’re stagnant. LSU is at the same place they were in 2013, the difference is that every program around them has taken some serious steps forward since then. LSU has not progressed at the same pace as Mississippi State has or experienced the highs Auburn has.

For as much as I love Les and recognize he got a raw deal in living in the shadow of one of the greatest American dynasties, it was time to cut him loose. He took the program to new heights but unless you’re winning the last game of the season, stability won’t ever cut it here. Oddly enough we have Saban to thank for that, as he’s the one who woke the giant up in the first place.

I’ll own up to it: I was firmly in the Herman camp following Les’ firing. Not that I was anti-Orgeron, but I thought the best thing for the program of fresh blood. Alleva didn’t see it the same way and he stayed in-house. Oregeron got the job in no small part due to his pitch where he sold an LSU with two elite coordinators, and he achieved that by retaining Dave Aranda and bringing in Matt Canada.

In year one of a new coach’s tenure, expect growing pains. Change doesn’t happen overnight. But by year two, you should see proof of concept and after year three you should have a tangible proof of improvement or success.

The Canada fiasco virtually cost Orgeron a year of that progression and he’s entering year two with tons of questions that need answering. LSU hasn’t fallen behind any, but they haven’t advanced either. In this game, that’s playing on Heisman mode.

Heard they talkin’ shit ‘bout I,

Who, what, when, where, and why?

I’m alive,

Just took one to revive,

But keep that vibe when we show up and collide.

Me and the guys move just like the FOI.

But LSU is still LSU, that part hasn’t changed. LSU did not become some doormat overnight. We did not time travel back into the 90’s. LSU is still a Blue Chip Program and few kids escape Louisiana, one of the best prospect states per capita, without LSU passing on them. The fans are still rabid and they are loud.

Thanks to the NCAA finally coming to their senses, Kristian Fulton is lining up opposite of Greedy Williams. K’Lavon Chaisson is still patrolling the middle with Michael Divinity and some dude named Devin White. Rashard Lawrence and Breiden Fehoko are still putting their hands in the dirt and Dave Aranda is still running the defense.

For the first time in forever, LSU returns no running back that was featured in the previous season. They still have a four and three star to take reps. I’m not going to sit here and pretend like Joe Burrow is the second coming of Drew Brees, but you saw what LSU could do with a Purdue transfer under center. I’m certain that the guy who almost won the Ohio State job won’t struggle mightily.

LSU does have a rough schedule, but when was the last time that wasn’t the case? The program relishes in that. Unlike Florida, LSU actually seeks contact and will take on any and all comers and will leave the state to do it. And LSU does have a lot of turnover from last year, but that comes with the territory of being the NFL’s chief importer and has been the case for over a decade.

This is more than the the start of the 2018 college football season. This is the start of LSU re-asserting themselves to the nation.

Suite 2: Run The Jewels

You think it’s all good,

You creep through a small hood,

Goons come out of the cut for you goods and they all should.

Ante up!

The U is back.

Despite losing one less game than LSU in a weaker conference, the U is back.

Despite finishing 17th in S&P+, only two spots higher than LSU, the U is back.

Despite finishing four spots lower than LSU in defensive S&P+ (18 to 22), the U is back.

Despite having one of the most bible-thumping and swaggerless coaches in college football, the U is back.

Despite losing to Pitt, the U is back.

Acting brave and courageous ain’t advantageous for health and safety.

So when we say “run the jewels”,

Just run ‘em baby,

Don’t delay me.

You see, despite all those reasons, the U is back because they have a turnover chain and beat Florida State for the first time this decade.

It’s funny how #THENARRATIVE has pushed the two programs in different directions, but the die has been cast for LSU for years now, fair or not. The best way to force it to course correct is to yank the chain clean off their neck, T.I. style.

The goblins were awakened.