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LSU QB Joe Burrow Talks Tumble Over Auburn Fence

LSU starting quarterback Joe Burrow isn’t afraid to take a hit, and has already told us multiple times that he’s “not a slider.”

But it looks like opposing teams’ defenders aren’t the only thing he’s been running into lately. If you were watching last weekend’s thrilling LSU victory over Auburn, you probably didn’t miss the shot of Burrow falling head first over a fence.

But in the event that you did, CBS Sports tweeted this footage of Burrow’s blunder.

I caught up with Burrow on Monday to find out exactly how it went down.

“Well, I got pushed out of bounds and then the little camera guy got in my way,” he told me. “And I didn’t really want to stop too fast because I saw the rocks right there, and then I was like, if I’m gonna fall, if I’m gonna go over, it’s just gonna happen... But I was really trying to avoid those rocks.”

As if it wasn’t obvious enough, Joe said he was pretty shaken up after the whole deal. The play was followed by an a 27-yard field goal, shrinking Auburn’s lead to 21-13 in the final minutes of the third quarter.

Burrow and the Tigers will look to bring their record to 4-0 as they face Louisiana Tech in Tiger Stadium Sunday.