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Tiger Tracklist: Louisiana Tech

I came, I saw, I conquered, I balled

NCAA Football: Louisiana State at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

While they laugh and shake their head,

Still we comin’ in.

Now the people people know where we go, go, go.

Was it cold nights that made me cold?

Did the stress increase my hunger?

Well well well.

Would you look at that?

We’re into the second half of September and what do you know, LSU is doing more than just treading water. After months of hearing how LSU could be good and we might not know it because the schedule is so hard, LSU sits at a perfect 3-0 with wins over two top-10 teams.

Has LSU looked as perfect as the record suggests? Far from it. But in this stupid, dumb, moronic sport how you reach the results doesn’t matter so long as you get the result.

They jacking, got me back in beast mode.

I’m taxing, hit the bank and reload.

LSU has navigated the first leg of their schedule and walked through two minefields with all the body parts that should be attached and included. Not to create a “the media doesn’t believe in LSU” wedge but the backtracking hasn’t been subtle since last Saturday. People are taking note and realizing while it hasn’t been perfect, but LSU is back to being LSU.

The Tigers are back into the AP Top Ten and have the best resume of anybody in the country. That’s not even an arguable fact at this point. We’ve come a long way in a short amount of time from where we were when LSU beat “Objectively Better” Miami.

And it has been earned, every bit of it.

They say I got the city on fire.

I ain’t booming? That’s a god damn lie, whoa.

Really doe, like really doe.

But don’t dislocate your shoulder patting yourself on the back. Championships are not distributed in September and LSU still has as few as two and as many as six more Top 10 games left on the schedule.

The “one game at a time” cliche is as tired as it is for a good reason. The only thing worse than ending up with the same record as predicted in August is beating Georgia and Alabama only to have the season marred by a loss to Louisiana Tech or Rice.

And there is still plenty of room for improvement. Burrow needs to find consistency, 4th down conversions and pass interference calls late in games are not sustainable. The running game needs to find a way to establish itself. Jonathan Giles needs to become a factor in the offense. Everybody needs to stay healthy.

But there is some room to celebrate the best start to a season LSU has enjoyed since 2011. The funny thing about success is that the more successful you become, the more pressure you are under to improve.

We’ve got a long way to go. But for now all that can be done is tailgating like a champion, packing Tiger Stadium, wearing purple, and beating Louisiana Tech.

Worry about the rest later.

We at the table eatin’ everybody’s food.

Invasion of the chain snatchers, better not bust a move.