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Playing “Nice” — Red Cup Rebellion

Red Cup’s One Man to Beat talks nWo and other problematic vowels for Ole Miss.


Of all the things y’all have spent money on over the last few years, why does the nWo belt look like it cost $20? Y’all know a decent replica belt isn’t *that* expensive, right?

In the world of professional wrestling memorabilia, I’ll concede you are clearly more knowledgeable and award you $Texas. You may get a lot of close-up looks at that belt Saturday, so you can get back to us on the authenticity.

So 8:15 is a pretty late start. Who’d Matt Luke get to cover for him at the Piggly Wiggly?

Les Miles. And 8:15 really isn’t late unless you don’t know how to DVR your Matlock re-runs.

Do you wish we’d had late-night kicks more often to maybe give Hugh Freeze time?

I think he’s still available as an offensive coordinator if y’all would ever like to beat Bama again — just throwing that out there.

Jokes aside, I think we can all agree that playing this game in September is an affront to both the old gods and the new ones. How is this Rebel Rags’ fault?

I just want the 2020 version of this game to be the ultimate scheduling nightmare scenario — Baton Rouge, Halloween night, full moon, Billy Cannon wore #20, fans allowed to ride pet alligators into the stadium, Tigers mauling Christians. Real weird Louisiana hometown folksy stuff.

Y’all found the shark behind a Captain D’s, didn’t you? You can be honest here.

The Landshark is an estuary-based animal as it has both the ability to walk on land and also possesses gills and other fish-like qualities. It’d be pretty gutsy for him to hang around a Captain D’s as they will cook anything from a fish to a pile of cigarettes in the parking lot for a buck. Mascots are extremely serious, and we are still pretty upset at the loss of our traditional on-field mascot — the Rebel Black Bear.

Orgeron...Omaha...Atlanta...any other vowels that are problematic for the Rebels?

Robicheaux, Fontenot, Domingue, Cormier.... any other consonants that y’all can’t pronounce?