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Tiger Tracklist: Southeastern

Hottest people in the city and I keep ‘em with me.

Everybody fresh,

My people gonna get their shine on.

Usually this space is reserved as a call to arms on Friday, one last rallying battle cry before charging into Saturday. Not this time.

Not because it’s Southeastern, but because it’s nice to have a break and get to enjoy things. Especially with the schedule LSU has. LSU surprisingly looked great against Miami in a win, and now they have a night game against Southeastern before picking up and heading to Auburn for a game that is likely to receive GameDay.

There are things to improve upon from Miami and LSU can’t just roll their helmets out on the Saturday night, but let’s just celebrate this week. Let’s all have a good first tailgate of the season.

And full disclosure: I went to Southeastern before LSU and loved it. I still love SLU and appreciate what they did for me. And I know I’m not the only person toting a degree from LSU with an affinity for SLU. I’d say 85% of people who graduate where I’m from wind up either in Baton Rouge or in Hammond, and we have a lot of friends of both sides.

So it’s really cool and exciting to have an entire day for both fanbases to collide and join forces for a mega-tailgate. I don’t think it’s unfair or wholly inaccurate to say that Southeastern is the party school compared to LSU. Let me say that again: compared to LSU, SLU is a party school.

So get out to campus bright and early tonight, and starting drinking water and Pedialyte now. Actually if you’re starting now you’re probably behind schedule, you should start playing catch-up.

It’s going to be lit.

That whole dirty boot,

We party like a rockstar.