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Football: Jerry Sullivan Announces Retirement

LSU’s coaching staff will have at least one new face in 2019.

Terrill Weil

LSU has officially announced the retirement of receivers coach and passing game coordinator Jerry Sullivan:

LSU senior offensive assistant and passing game coordinator Jerry Sullivan announced his retirement from football on Wednesday.

Sullivan, who spent seven years on the LSU coaching staff from 1984-90, joined Ed Orgeron’s staff as a consultant in 2017 and was then elevated to senior offensive assistant and passing game coordinator for the 2018 season.

One of the most respected wide receiver coaches in football, Sullivan spent 25 years in the NFL before coming back to LSU in 2017.

“Jerry had a great career, one that saw him develop, groom, mentor and train some of the best to ever play the wide receiver position at any level of football,” Orgeron said. “I can’t thank Jerry enough for the contributions he made to our program over the past two years.”

Sullivan, a long-time NFL coach who had originally coached at LSU in the late 80s and early 90s, returned to the school in 2017 as a consultant/analyst on Ed Orgeron’s first staff, and signed on with a one-year deal to be a full-time assistant last year. This development wasn’t all that surprising, given that Sullivan was previously retired and on a one-year deal.

No word on potential replacements yet, but we’ll discuss names when we hear them.