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SB Nation Fan Pulse: Week 5

A change at the top of the people’s Top 25.

NCAA Football: Clemson at North Carolina Nell Redmond-USA TODAY Sports

Before the season, we kindly asked you to participate in SB Nation’s FanPulse weekly rankings. This is basically a poll voted on by you, the fans, instead of stuffy old sportswriters, which allows for more insight into how the common fan feels about the current season.

For some strange, inexplicable reason, your confidence took a dive during the bye week, falling from 97.5 to 93%. What happened, y’all?

  • Meanwhile, Clemson’s razor thin close call in Chapel Hill is enough to dislodge them from the top spot, now held by Alabama
  • Between LSU going on a bye and Ohio State rightfully skinning alive the over-inflated Cornhuskers, the Tigers get shuffled in behind the Buckeyes. It be like that sometimes.
  • Texas A&M falls 8 spots after a win away from home. Wow, tough crowd.
  • Blogs that voted LSU outside the top 5 and that should be shamed: Boston College, Clemson, Florida State, Underdog Dynasty, Iowa, Iowa State, Kansas State (SIXTH), Miami, Michigan (behind Ohio State), Michigan State, Minnesota, NC State, Nebraska (who voted Ohio State #1), Northwestern, I’m sensing a trend here, Notre Dame, Oklahoma (again, SIXTH). Oregon, Penn State, Purdue, Rutgers (6th), Syracuse, Tennessee, Texas Tech (6), TCU (six), UCLA (again, sixth), Utah, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Washington, Washington State (s6x), Wisconsin, West Virginia.
  • Recency Bias: It’s A Thing.
  • Despite the Big Ten/12 collectively booting LSU out in favor for Ohio State...the Buckeyes voted LSU third. Only because they voted themselves first, but y’know.
  • Our good friends at College and Mag still have the Bayou Bengals at #2, but have put their arch nemesis on top and dropped Clemson to #4, behind Georgia. Also, Alligator Army. Awh, they do like us!
  • Texas is still voting LSU second as well.

Here’s how you voted:

  1. Alabama
  2. LSU
  3. Georgia
  4. Clemson
  5. Ohio State
  6. Oklahoma
  7. Auburn
  8. Wisconsin
  9. Florida
  10. Notre Dame
  11. Texas
  12. Penn State
  13. Oregon
  14. Iowa
  15. Boise State
  16. Washington
  17. Cal
  18. Utah
  19. Virginia
  20. Michigan
  21. UCF
  22. Texas A&M
  23. USC
  24. Michigan State
  25. Kansas State


Chris Ash was fired at Rutgers, putting the coaching carousel into a slight motion.

Now that the seal is popped, here are the most likely candidates to get their pink slips next: