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Tiger Tracklist: Mississippi State

Mask off

NCAA Football: Florida at Louisiana State Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

From food stamps to a whole another domain

Out the bottom, I’m the living proof.

Ain’t compromising, half a million on the coupe.

It was over three years ago now, but the Auburn game in 2016 honestly feels like it was five. So much has changed around the program since then that it’s hard to imagine LSU isn’t far removed from a 18-13 loss. Fast forward to now and LSU is dropping 42 on Florida, and that’s with the Gators running a ball control offense.

The turnaround that immediately happened as soon as Miles was fired and Orgeron was named the interim coach turned out to be fool’s gold, but the ship is pointed in the right direction. LSU now has two wins against teams inside the Top 10 and since 2016 the only coaches with more than O has (seven) are Saban and Meyer with nine.

LSU is back to where they were in 2011. Now let’s take the next step and be better.

Hold up, I’m back on my bullshit, I’m packin’ a full clip.

I’m triggered, get back before I pull it and let it rip.

Hit you off from the hip-up, my Glock, it don’t hiccup.

You better get a grip and don’t slip up .

I’ve made a big to-do about the defense and how they’ve let the rope slip a few too many times. I stand by that.

Here is the get-back game. Mississippi State shouldn’t be able to compete against this LSU team. The defense needs to dominate this game and establish confidence heading into the next two crucial games. These are the games LSU is expected to dominate to prove they belong at the top. So dominate.

Y’all on mute, ain’t no back-talk on my block.