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Tiger Tracklist: Auburn

I’ve got golden goals

Florida v LSU Photo by Marianna Massey/Getty Images

Do you walk in the valley of kings?

Do you walk in the shadow of men who sold their lives to a dream?

I’ve used this space ad nauseam to issue a challenge to the LSU offense to prove themselves and every time they’ve answered the bell. We know what the offense is and what the standard is for them.

This week it’s about the defense.

Plain and simple, Auburn-LSU will always be a game decided by the defense. We may have moved away from the manball hammer battles from the mid-2000s, but the spirit of the game remains. Once upon a time this was the most physical game of the year in all of college football, and that doesn’t wash off easily. There will be 60 minutes of war Saturday and you will need a complete team effort to walk off the field in victory.

If you’re not ready for it, don’t even strap up. This is the game that moves the earth and burns barns. This is the game that creates legends.

Are you ready to seize that moment?

If you hang wit the squad, you bound to get scarred.

Sucker boys run they mouth, real ones run the yard.

The last time Auburn won in Baton Rouge was 1999. The goal is simple: defend Death Valley and stretch the streak past the 20-year mark. Nobody knows about the magic of DV more than the team we brought it back against.

Yes it’s at 2:30 and that sucks immensely, but the chance of rain during the game has fallen off a cliff. Death Valley was back to full strength for the first time during the Florida game, it’s time to keep that same energy during the day. This is a top ten matchup of Auburn and LSU in Tiger Stadium. I shouldn’t have to sell it past that.

Show up. Wear gold. Get “hydrated”. Get loud. Stay loud.

Ballers, I put numbers on the boards.

Hard to get a handle on this double-edged sword.