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Decoldest Crawford Commits to LSU

The GOAT name in recruiting history is now a Tiger.


There have been names over the years that have peaked the interest of writers to create “All Name” teams, but there is one that officially stands out. That name belongs to Decoldest Crawford, who was offered over the weekend on his visit for the Auburn game and wasted little time in committing to the home state LSU Tigers.

While his name does take a slight hit on the fact his middle name is not ToEvaDoIt (It is actually Jaun, which is still solid in its own regard), Decoldest still has to rank at the top on its own merit. Crawford joins Texas defensive back Bryce Anderson as the two commits for LSU in 2022.

At 6-2 and a slight 160 lbs., Decoldest (will never get tired of typing that name out) has already hauled in 30 receptions for 691 yards and 6 touchdowns for a bad 2-6 Green Oaks, the same high school where a slept-on corner by the name of Tre’Davious White responded to his commitment to LSU with a massive rise up the rankings. While there’s not too much to go off of just yet, Decoldest shows deceptive speed that gets him behind the secondary with relative ease. Crawford also makes crisp cuts on his out routes or comebacks, something you don’t see too often from a player at his age.

Every fan who follows recruiting does it. They find that one guy in each class that they put their name behind, hoping they find success. I think it’s safe to say everyone, myself included, will be hoping this kid’s name is called on Sundays. Not just to continuously hear the greatest sports name of all time, but to see the commercials and apparel that will be made for him. Make no mistake about it, I’ll be buying a Decoldest Crawford jersey the first chance I get. There’s still a ways to go before he puts on an LSU uniform, but there is a lot of talent behind that spectacular name.