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Tiger Tracklist: Utah State

So tell me who did it this big and who ain’t about to slow up?

NCAA Football: Louisiana State at Vanderbilt Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Everything litty, I love when it’s hot.

Turned up the city, I broke off the notch.

Got some more millis, I keep me a knot.

I created history and made me a lot.

Georgia Southern, Texas, Northwestern State, Vanderbilt.

55-3, 45-38, 65-14, 66-38.


I don’t think even the most blind LSU homer would have predicted that the Tigers would have started off this hot. I don’t think anybody - ANYBODY - was predicting that Joe Burrow would be a legitimate Heisman favorite. Things are great, objectively better than they were in 2007 or 2011.

The start time is a major bummer but after two weeks away, we’re back home in Death Valley. We’re still in the honeymoon phase with the “Dr. Manhattan” offense and this will be our last chance to celebrate it before the real tests start.

You know I blacked out, they bring the track out, I lay the smack down.

(Remember nights on the dirty mattress in the trap house?)

I snap out ‘em and flipped it around to where I’m at now,

(Livin’ legend, finally back up on the map now.)

Resurrection of real, let’s bring it back.

But it hasn’t been perfect. The defense has appeared to take a step back, and injuries haven’t helped the cause.

And this week isn’t going to be a complete cakewalk. Utah State is a solid team with a strong defense. It’s going to take more than the bare minimum, scoring 50 is going to be a challenge.

Good. Maybe that’s what this team needs, an opponent who they should beat but can still get tested by. Lock in with the intentions of playing a 60-minute game and then handle your business. Stay healthy, but mash the gas and dig in deep. Leave no doubt. Make a statement.

Ring the alarm if a war you wanna get in.