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LSU Moves to No. 1 In College Football Playoff Rankings

Tigers slide to the No. 1 spot after beating Alabama.

As should come as no surprise, LSU moved into the top spot in the College Football Playoff’s rankings this week, matching their No. 1 positions in both the Coaches and AP polls.

Ohio State dropped to the No. 2 spot, with Clemson moving into the third spot and Georgia taking Alabama’s No. 4 spot. Bama checked in at the fifth spot.

Rest of the rankings were as follows:

Genuinely surprised that Alabama would fall out of the top four, especially after virtually all members of the mainstream media quickly pivoted from last week’s “Bama doesn’t have a resume if they lose to LSU” to excuses as to why they still deserve to get in.

If it wasn’t so predictable it might be funny.

Seeing undefeated Baylor out of the top 10 seems a bit odd, but then they lack the name-brand to get in, even if they were to win out and win the Big 12. Basically, if we don’t want to see Alabama in the playoffs, LSU needs teams like Oregon and Utah to remain with one loss, along with undefeated Ohio State and Clemson. Maybe if Penn State can stay at one loss, but beat Ohio State and win the Big 10. And of course, Georgia needs to be a one-loss team heading to the SEC Championship in Atlanta.

Something tells me they’ll still find an excuse to get Bama back in, though.