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Playin’ “Nice” with Red Cup Rebellion


University Of Mississippi Rebels Football

Coming off one of the biggest wins in program history, LSU heads to Oxford to take on Ole Miss. The Rebels need a win to reach bowl eligibility, but we don’t really give a shit about that and just want to make jokes. One Man to Beat from Red Cup Rebellion was nice enough to fill us in on what’s going on next door!

1. If you went back in time and told the 2007 version of yourself that Ed Orgeron would be coaching the No. 1 team in the country, how would 2007 You react?

Honestly, I thought we made the Orgeron firing a little early given his recruiting success back then, but I understood there was a lot of fans who wanted to win immediately and were embarrassed by O’s personality and bravado. I would still have been super shocked and probably assumed he was not at Ole Miss and gone back to USC or something like that. The guy knew how to evaluate talent, get guys in the boat, etc., but he, at that time, coached guys very hard. I’m not sure if that has changed or not, but it’s not something a lot of players really appreciate or want in a college coach.

2. Would upsetting LSU this weekend vault Plumlee over Davies in the John Rhys Power Rankings?

JRP needs to be at the top of any ranking anywhere double named John’s are included. If news broke that he decided to go pre-med and developed a cancer vaccine while teaching the deaf and blind how to play the piano, it wouldn’t surprise me at this point. The guy is super talented, charismatic, and he seems to have won over the majority of the fanbase as the QB of the future.

3. Which hire was worse: Glenn Boyce or Matt Luke?

Glenn Boyce far and away. Matt Luke could easily be described as a placeholder hire, an alum who was in the right place at the right time to steady a program on probation and under the watchful eye of the NCAA. Boyce is clearly the product of corrupt and dishonest political games played at very high levels. He caused a ton of tumult for a position that a lot of people probably just want someone with experience who can raise money for the school.

4. Were Ole Miss fans mad the Nationals won the World Series after adopting Baby Shark as their rallying cry because it now makes Ole Miss the second-most relevant sharks in sports? (Nobody cares about the hockey team)

Clearly, you’ve forgotten about Steamin’ Willie Beaman and the Miami Sharks from Any Given Sunday - the GOAT Sharks if you will. Former Rebel pitcher Aaron Barrett was on that Nationals team, so it was a great moment to see him celebrating a world championship. Now that the news has come out the ‘Stros were stealing signs (WHICH A LOT OF TEAMS HAVE DONE IN THE HISTORY OF BASEBALL), I’m really just glad the Nats winning caused Bryce Harper a ton of worthy Twitter hatred and lol’ing.

5. Do Ole Miss fans find it hilarious or infuriating that Coach O still drives a Hummer?

Is this real? Did the man sign a dadgum lifetime contract with Hummer or something? I mean it absolutely fits his character to be a Hummer customer. I can’t imagine he would feel comfortable in anything else other than maybe like a monster truck or a fanboat.