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Tiger Tracklist: Ole Miss

You will never ever catch me now.

LSU v Alabama Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

I been waiting on my turn.

Life is butter, let it churn.

We have been waiting eight long, tortuous years for last weekend, but we finally got it. The release was sweet and the emotions were strong. And they still are.

Sit back and look around. LSU is the undisputed #1 in college football. They have a top tier offense led by the runaway Heisman favorite. They went into Tuscaloosa, punched Alabama square in the mouth, and took their counterpunch. In the end, they were the ones who wore the Tide out, not the other way around.

It feels good huh?

I should ball, I should break you off.

Break you off yeah, I made myself a boss.

So don’t let it go to waste.

Joe Burrow said it best after the game: “We didn’t go into this season saying, ‘We need to go beat Alabama.’ We have more goals ahead of us.”

Those goals require taking care of business against an Ole Miss team that LSU shouldn’t have a problem beating. But don’t overlook them, this game deserves the same amount of attention to detail that Bama received. Ole Miss would love nothing more than to be overlooked by LSU and to ruin the season.

Go out, take the ball and leave no doubt. When you’re undefeated, you’re only as good as your last game. Make a statement that there will be no traps or no stumbles this year.

Get you off the ground just to knock you to the floor.

Let’s go blow for blow, let’s go toe to toe.

When it’s time to battle, they don’t never ever show.

When it’s time to battle, I’m the first one at the door.