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Tigers Stay On Top Of Playoff Rankings

LSU stays at No. 1 for the second week in a row.

No movement among the College Football Playoff top four this week as the Tigers stayed No. 1 in the rankings, with Ohio State, Clemson and Georgia rounding out the rest of the field.

The remainder of the rankings are as follows:

5. Alabama 9-1
6. Oregon 9-1
7. Utah 9-1
8. Penn State 9-1
9. Oklahoma 9-1
10. Minnesota 9-1
11. Florida 9-2
12. Wisconsin 8-2
13. Michigan 8-2
14. Baylor 9-1
15. Auburn 7-3
16. Notre Dame 8-2
17. Iowa 7-3
18. Memphis 9-1
19. Cincinnati 9-1
20. Boise State 9-1
21. Oklahoma State 7-3
22. Iowa State 6-4
23. USC 7-4
24. Appalachian State 9-1
25. SMU 9-1

  • Alabama, of course remains in prime position to back-door their way in at the No. 5 spot. Some had thought the Tide might lose some steam with Tua Tagovailoa’s injury — and to be fair, dropping a team’s ranking for that reason would be ridiculous — but no worry there. Of course, the Tide don’t have the resume to merit the ranking anyway, but they didn’t last week.
  • I would imagine Oregon would have a good shot to jump into the playoffs if they can win out and take the Pac-12. Utah won’t have the name-brand cache.
  • If Oklahoma wins out and takes the Big 12, then things get a little more interesting. And Penn State will have their shot at Ohio State on Saturday.