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2021 QB Caleb Williams Visiting: What’s The Deal

It will be Thanksgiving at the Orgeron’s for the 2021 class’s top dual-threat QB.


The immense success of Joe Burrow and the LSU offense is creating headlines across the nation, and that impact is being felt off the field in recruiting as well. It started off with the abundance of wide receivers and surprise commitment of top tight end Arik Gilbert for the 2020 class, but this quick rise is starting to make it’s mark for 2021 now. That mark comes in the form of No. 1 dual threat quarterback Caleb Williams, who will be taking an extended stay in Baton Rouge as LSU takes on Texas A&M this Saturday. Williams attended LSU camps in the summer and was reported to really hit it off with LSU’s staff, including Joe Brady.

Most recruiting visits will normally start on Friday afternoon or Saturday if their high school is playing the previous night, and will come to a close around Sunday afternoon once they sit down with Ed Orgeron. However, Caleb Williams and his family are different, in a much better way. Williams and his family will arrive in Baton Rouge on Wednesday, meaning they’ll likely be spending Thanksgiving in the comfort of Orgeron’s home. With the game on Saturday, it will be an extended stay for Williams, which can only be taken as a good thing, seeing as he has already been on campus for the underclassmen camp over the summer. That begs the question:

Who is Caleb Williams?

It’s clear to see why Williams ranks as the top dual-threat quarterback and by a wide margin with Preston Stone coming in at second as the composite No. 42 ranked recruit. Caleb showcase an elite level speed for a quarterback and good shiftiness to make people miss or avoid the big shots. Williams possesses solid pocket awareness, a trait Joe Burrow has showcased on numerous occasions that has helped elevate him to the next level. The arm strength is at an elite level that allows him to make numerous throws on the route tree with a short, clean release that looks to be very repeatable. The only question mark that arises with Williams is his accuracy, ending his sophomore year with a 56 percent completion percentage. Now, that doesn’t mean it’s all still on him, i.e. drops, forcing throws due to bad receivers, etc. His numbers from his junior season haven’t come in yet, and yes, he still is quite young so you can imagine those numbers can get better with more experience.

Are We on Commit Watch?

It makes a huge statement that Williams will be in Baton Rouge from Wednesday all the way through Sunday, especially with his first visit coming earlier this year. Now, it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibilities that you’ll see another Caleb Williams article on Sunday, but I still think this one will at least go into the start of the 2021 recruiting season. At the same time, with the immense momentum that has been building up at LSU and the surprises we have seen in the 2020 class, nothing is impossible.