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Playin’ “Nice” with Good Bull Hunting

We should’ve made them answer 7 additional Q&As.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 23 Texas A&M at Georgia

As we head into Thanksgiving, LSU fans have plenty of things to be thankful for: A No. 1 ranking, a win over Alabama, a berth in the SEC Championship Game and a near-lock for the Heisman at QB to name a few. But despite all of that, there’s one thing LSU fans still desperately want before they move onto bigger aspirations: a win over those damned Aggies.

To find out what the $75-million-dollar man and his squad have been up to in the year since they trapped us in a six-hour marathon of torture, we checked in with Rush Roberts of Good Bull Hunting.

1. What lasted longer: The 2018 LSU-Texas A&M game or 2019 Texas A&M’s hopes of winning the SEC West?

The game. It featured more excitement and creativity than the entire month of September 2019, during which we lost twice.

2. On the subject of disappointing seasons, give us your case for why the Longhorns’ 2019 campaign has been more disappointing than the Aggies?

It’s a two-headed argument: a) we weren’t declared “back” again and b) Tom Herman. Just: Tom Herman.

3. How do Texas A&M fans feel about Joe Burrow being the second consecutive Heisman winner to have played at Kyle Field before?

Personally, I love watching Burrow play. Hopefully the next logical step in this progression is a QB transferring TO Texas A&M and then winning a Heisman.

4. If we were to create a rivalry trophy for LSU to ignore after winning Saturday, what item would be most emblematic of these two universities?

A designer cowboy boot full of crawfish shells.

5. With only one year of eligibility left, do you think Kellen Mond will transfer so he can become an NFL starter?

O HO HO HO not so fast, my friend. Jamesbo is going to keep Kellen under lock and key this offseason at an undisclosed location. There will be no waivers granted here, no sir.

6. How many consecutive games would LSU have to win in this series for 74-72 to not be worth it anymore? Does such a number exist?

What was the previous streak? Seven? Something way less than that probably.

7. Be honest, who were you pulling for when LSU went to Austin Week 2?

Without a trace of hesitation or shame: Tigers.