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Fan Pulse: Week 10

Tigers hold on to the top through the bye.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 26 Auburn at LSU Photo by John Korduner/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Before the season, we kindly asked you to participate in SB Nation’s FanPulse weekly rankings. This is basically a poll voted on by you, the fans, instead of stuffy old sportswriters, which allows for more insight into how the common fan feels about the current season.


It appears as if the impending game against Alabama has some of y’all reconsidering, as the the confidence numbers fell down to 97.1%. I’m sure a win Saturday will move that number back to triple digits.

Top 25

  • With the top four effectively on a bye week, there isn’t much movement at the top, meaning LSU remains the top vote-getter.
  • Yet again, Roll Bama Roll votes LSU #1. We’re onto your jinx magic, Bammers.
  • Clemson also voted the Bayou Bengals over their own Tigers, which is interesting.
  • As did Georgia, Oklahoma, and Penn State, the teams widely viewed as in play for a playoff spot.
  • Ohio State is the only team of such status to not vote LSU #1 (they voted in favor of themselves, LSU #2.
  • Utah is silently sneaking higher and higher, up a spot from last week.
  • SMU and App State are hit hard for losing, dropping six spots each.
  • Memphis, on the other hand, jumps up six spots and leads the G5 in votes, narrowly ahead of Cincinnati.

Here’s how you voted:

  1. LSU (8-0)
  2. Alabama (8-0)
  3. Ohio State (8-0)
  4. Clemson (9-0)
  5. Penn State (8-0)
  6. Georgia (7-1)
  7. Oklahoma (7-1)
  8. Utah (8-1)
  9. Baylor (8-0)
  10. Oregon (8-1)
  11. Florida (6-2)
  12. Auburn (7-2)
  13. Minnesota (8-0)
  14. Memphis (8-1)
  15. Notre Dame (6-2)
  16. Cincinnati (6-1)
  17. Wisconsin (6-2)
  18. Wake Forest (7-1)
  19. Michigan (7-2)
  20. SMU (8-1)
  21. San Diego State (7-1)
  22. Boise State (7-1)
  23. Louisiana Tech (7-1)
  24. App State (7-1)
  25. Indiana (7-2)


Shocker, but most of the SB Nation readers are most excited for the #1 vs. #2 matchup this Saturday in Tuscaloosa.

  • LSU-Alabama: Sixty-nice.2%
  • Penn State-Minnesota: 19%
  • Iowa State-Oklahoma: 4%
  • Iowa-Wisconsin: 3.7%
  • Tuesday Night #MACtion: 2.8%
  • Clemson-NC State: 1.4%


So the season, and heading into the first week the confidence is high among LSU despite all the [gestures hand wildly] stuff, with 97% of readers like you confident in the direction of the Basketball Bayou Bengals.