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Tiger Tracklist: Alabama

Nothing is sacred. Nothing is safe, nothing to pray for, nothing is safe.

Auburn v LSU Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

It’s not that we gotta do what we do,

It’s what we know.

So to me it ain’t nothing but being true


COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 03 Alabama at LSU Photo by John Korduner/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Now I know,

Only I can stop the rain.

NCAA FOOTBALL: NOV 05 Alabama at LSU Photo by John Korduner/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It doesn’t have to be the way it is.

You say it is,

Just because for the past 20 years,

Everyday it is.

Alabama v LSU Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Now I know,

Only I can stop the rain.

Allstate BCS National Championship Game - LSU v Alabama Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Asked God, he said “Grind harder”.

Learn from every time you ever fail.

If it never fail just grind smarter.

Iron sharpens and you the dagger.

I got suckered into seeing the live action remake of The Lion King this summer. I was indignant and had the urge to walk out when they butchered Be Prepared, but I was a good boyfriend and stayed in my seat for the rest of the somehow longer than the original movie.

That feeling returned when they didn’t say one of my favorite lines of dialogue:

So, what are you going to do?

The beautiful thing about 29-0? It has no bearing on this game. Jalen Hurts’ run in 2016? It has no bearing on this game. The unsportsmanlike in 2014? No bearing on this game. The screen pass? No bearing.

1-9-12? Nothing.

If you want the streak to stop, then the best course of action is to stop worrying about it so damn much. This is game one of a one game set. Remove the streak from your mind and zero in on what’s in front of you.

So, what are you going to do?

Tick, tick, tock, it’s time for closure.

Watch the hands on the clock, it’s almost over.

For the entire decade, this is the game LSU has been defined by. It’s not fair or just but this world is rarely that. If Les Miles beat Bama in 14 and again in 16, LSU is still running the same 1970’s manball offense because it was justified in doing so.

That ain’t what happened. LSU kept losing and that set in motion everything that lead to where they are now.

The good part about the past history of this rivalry? It’s pushed LSU to evolve. Now the Tigers are an offensive juggernaut and the defense is rounding into form.

They have beaten Texas in a bona-fide shootout in Austin. On 3rd and 17, an LSU quarterback made an off-balance throw that likely decided the game. He connected with his receiver perfectly for a touchdown that served as the knockout.

Against Florida they found themselves in a similar situation when Dan Mullen called the game of his life. LSU forced a turnover and then they checked out. Florida wasn’t going to catch them after that. To put the cherry on top, they had a goal line stand at the end of the game.

Auburn was the first team to give LSU’s offense a problem. The thing is, LSU’s defense locked up Gus Malzahn and Auburn’s offense.

Offensive genius Joe Moorhead? 13 points at home.

Ed Orgeron promised Alabama that we were coming and now we’re here, at the front door. Alabama pushed LSU and now they’re better for it. There is no reason to believe LSU can’t win on Saturday. The Tigers have been in the wars and come out victorious.

It’s no longer LSU who has an Alabama problem. Alabama has an LSU problem and it’s all their doing. Be glad the streak happened, because the same circumstances that created it will be the same circumstances that end it.

Every man must die. Valar morghulis.

They’re never gonna break me or take me.

Down on my knees, believe I’m never gonna beg or plead.

I never say never, but I guarantee.

Gather my strength, going hard in the paint

And I paint you a picture, it’s put on display.

I’m gonna get, if they don’t give then I take.

Can’t take me down now,

My feet on the ground now.

Fight until I’m down now.

Say it out loud now,

Say it out loud, are you ready for war?