Seven Seasons Sadness, Eight is Enough

I remember as if yesterday the awful punch to the gut that ended that magical season, I sat in a sad kind of emotionless disbelief as the Tide took advantage of their unearned second shot and dealt us a death of 1000 little cuts.

We didn't know it that night but we were back to the dark ages, back to the time when the crimson pac ran roughshod over our division and haunted our fanatical fanhood dreams.

Love him or hate him, it was time for the Hat to hang on someone elses Rack. And Joe, so had to go! Yet Joe did us one solid, he backed into it of course, but one of our own, with blood that runs royal, now has our boys ready to answer the call.

Its been seven seasons of frustration near hell, eight is enough, this we know well. So today is the day, Joey Heisman leads the way, today is the reckoning we've come to afford, as Coach O says, "We're Comin", so down with that sabanic gump hoard.

Geaux Tigers!

(Missed you guys)