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Texas A&M: Behind the Box Score

Well, I guess we took it personal

NCAA Football: Arkansas at Louisiana State
Dance, dance, REVOLUTION!
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LSU fans demanded blood and blood is what they got. The Tigers ran through the Aggies with ease and played a game of Name That Score.

Much to the fanbase’s chagrin, Orgeron called off the dogs in the second half and the starters largely watched the second half from the bench as the staff used their timeouts in a way to maximize the applause for players leaving the game. It was that sort of night.

6. LSU sacks. The Tigers pass rush has been fairly anemic all season, but playing against a quarterback who was no real threat to run changed everything. The team pinned its ears back and came after Kellen Mond with everything they had. This resulted in a season high of 6 sacks, plus one safety. Call answered, eh?

4-11. LSU’s third down rate. This was LSU’s worst third down conversion rate since the Mississippi St game, and speaks to the lack of focus. LSU put up half a hundred without really trying. That has to hurt if you’re an Aggie fan.

197. Ja’Marr Chase’s total receiving yards. He also had two touchdowns. By contrast, the A&M offense only managed 169 yards and never scored. This means that Chase outproduced the entire Aggie offense all by himself.

7.4. LSU’s yards/play. En route to gaining 553 yards overall, the Tigers averaged over seven yards a play. That’s pretty darn good. LSU’s offense is an unstoppable machine when it wants to be.

28. LSU points scored on drives which began in the first quarter. 31 plays and 301 yards all put together. LSU won this game in the first twenty minutes and then spent the next forty minutes of the game essentially taking a curtain call. This is a team that almost certainly has a switch, and they know when to power down. Something the defense has done all year, but not tonight.

11-34-3. Texas A&M’s combined passing line. That is… not good. 34 attempts to get 97 yards is bad enough, but throw in three picks and the aforementioned six sacks… well, it was a disaster of a night for the A&M quarterbacks. They pulled the near impossible trick of turning in a negative ATVSQBPI: -0.042. Mond was worth -0.143 yards per play. Just a wretched performance.