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Eating with Ed: SEC Championship, Georgia

Coach O previews the conference title game.

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LSU and Georgia are getting a rematch of one of the Tigers’ best games of the 2018 season with the Tigers head to Atlanta this weekend.

“They’re going to play their best, man,” said LSU coach Ed Orgeron. “This is their third time here in a row. They’re going to be hungry. They’re well-coached. We beat them last year, so they have a little chip on their shoulder. Know what I’m saying?”

Despite that 36-16 win, Orgeron says the team must let last year go and prepare for another tough matchup with a physical Bulldog team.

“Whole different time, whole different circumstance.”

LSU is returning to the Georgia Dome — excuse me, Mercedes-Benz Stadium — for the first time since 2011 to face the Georgia Bulldogs for a chance to win the Southeastern Conference for the first time since that year.

Orgeron said he has a lot of confidence in his team to go and face adversity on Saturday.

“A lot of respect for Kirby and the job he’s done,” Orgeron said. “Go against him recruiting, know the players he’s recruiting. Know the type of coaches he has on his staff. Well-coached football team, very athletic.”

Though Atlanta is right in Bulldog territory, Orgeron — as always — is confident in Tiger nation’s traveling ability.

“I know our fans are going to be there,” Orgeron said. “I feel good about that. Everywhere we go, we’ve had great fans. But we will treat this as an away game. We will have crowd noise on Tuesday, Wednesday. Be very well-prepared for all the Georgia fight songs they’ll play on our field all week.”

Orgeron emphasized that this is probably the best team LSU has played on both sides of the field. You win football games in the trenches, and Orgeron has never shied away from that fact.

Georgia’s defensive line is holding teams to just 71 rushing yards per game and stays physical on the ball, while the offensive line is solid in front of quarterback Jake Fromm and running back D’Andre Swift.

“They’re multiple on offense,” Orgeron said. “Averaging 33 points a game. 200 on the ground, 220 passing. Jake Fromm, excellent quarterback. We all know about him.

“Again on defense, by far the best defense we’ve seen. 10 points per game. They basically are a 4-3, some 3-4. Only giving up 257 a game. Tyler Clark and their defensive line, I watch them all the time, because I watch opponents’ offensive line.”

Despite what many experts may think, Orgeron is not playing with the idea that LSU will make the College Football Playoffs no matter what.

“Not even thinking about it,” Orgeron said. “Uh-huh. I’m not buying into that at all. We got to win. I don’t know if we got to win to get in the playoffs or not. I’m not even talking about that. Our goal is to beat Georgia and win the SEC, then let’s see what happens.

“Coming in to play, we’re not talking about that. We’re not even considering it right now.”


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