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Tigers Remain 2nd In Playoff Rankings

LSU still sits behind Ohio State in the playoff rankings as conference championships loom.

A dominant win over Texas A&M did little to change LSU’s fortunes in the eyes of the College Football Playoff selection committee, as the Tigers remain second behind Ohio State following the Nov. 30 weekend of games.

Clemson and Georgia remain in the third and fourth spot as well, with Utah and Oklahoma at five and six as we approach conference championship weekend.

The rest of the rankings, as follows, with win-loss record attached:

5. Utah 11-1
6. Oklahoma 11-1
7. Baylor 11-1
8. Wisconsin 10-2
9. Florida 10-2
10. Penn State 10-2
11. Auburn 10-2
12. Alabama 10-2
13. Oregon 10-2
14. Michigan 9-3
15. Notre Dame 10-2
16. Iowa 9-3
17. Memphis 11-1
18. Minnesota 10-2
19. Boise State 11-1
20. Cincinnati 10-2
21. Appalachian State 11-1
22. USC 8-4
23. Virginia 9-3
24. Navy 9-2
25. Oklahoma State 8-4

The top three here all seem set to sit in some sort of stasis in the final four, with order pending the results of this weekend. The big question will be who gets the top seed and the matchup with Georgia, Utah or Oklahoma in the first round. That will be the big key, while the other two teams beat each other up.

Ohio State seems entrenched, but I suspect an LSU win over Georgia will be enough, even as Ohio State seemed to get a big bounce from Wisconsin to get them back into the top 10. They’ll still have wins over four top-15 teams, and an astounding fifth over a team that spent time in the top 10.

But then you can also count on an old money power like the Buckeyes to get some benefit of the doubt as well.

The bottom line is to take care of business. The rest is out of LSU’s control.