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Playin’ “Nice” with Senator Blutarsky

Holy shit LSU is playing a game in December!!

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 01 SEC Championship Game - Georgia v Alabama Photo by Todd Kirkland/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The West is won, but there is still one more obstacle before LSU can shift all gears toward winning a National Championship. The Tigers take on the Georgia Bulldogs in Atlanta this Saturday to earn the right to see SEC CHAMPIONS t-shirts. Here to fill us in on what the Georgia Bulldogs have been up to ever since they had their ass kicked in Tiger Stadium last season is Senator Blutarsky. Be sure to check out his blog Get The Picture for more on the Dawgs.

1. In their past few meetings Georgia has seemed to be one step ahead of LSU. For example, last season the Georgia defense gave up a ton of points even though LSU hadn’t made its offense explosive yet. How will this prescience help the Bulldogs Saturday?

Obviously, Kirby was just setting you guys up in advance. Three-dimensional chess, for the win!

2. With Justin Fields now at Ohio State, who will be called upon to run a fake punt on 4th and 11 in this year’s SEC Championship Game?

I’m gonna go with Big Ben Cleveland. He’s already one of the up backs blocking for Camarda, so his presence won’t alert anyone that something’s up. And he’s the size of a small pickup truck, so he’s harder to bring down. Has to work better than last time, amirite?

3. Are Georgia fans frustrated that the year they finally avoid Saban is the year Bama’s defense sucks? Or are they relieved they won’t blow a lead to a third different Alabama quarterback in three years?

We might be, if we weren’t so occupied with amusement over the prospect of Alabama’s bowl plans.

4. Did all those Georgia fans who “took over” New Orleans the weekend of a game in Baton Rouge do the same thing before the Sugar Bowl?

Speaking as one of those fans, I think we let New Orleans take over us.

Also will those fans be pregaming in Savannah Saturday?

Nah, we’re going back to New Orleans, since nobody will be expecting us this time.

5. Many football fans were surprised by Joe Burrow’s 2019 campaign after his middling 2018 season. Were Georgia fans surprised Burrow tied the SEC record for passing touchdowns in a season instead of rushing touchdowns in a season?

I’m just hoping Burrow doesn’t set any SEC Championship Game records this Saturday.

6. A Georgia win would pretty much put the Dawgs in the College Football Playoff. But be honest, do you really want to see this Georgia team in this Playoff?

Better the College Football Playoff than the Citrus Bowl. Just ask Nick Saban.