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And the Valley Drinks: Wiseacre Gotta Getup To Get Down

Back in the saddle again with a little pick-me-up.

Wiseacre Brewing

Let’s get back in the beer saddle with a very underrated coffee stout from right up I-55 in Memphis — Wiseacre Brewing’s Gotta Get Up to Get Down coffee milk stout. This one has been in the Baton Rouge market for a while now, and can be found at a lot of outlets.

Magical natural process beans from the Konga region of Ethiopia lead the way in this beautiful coffee stout. This rare variety of coffee leads to aromas of sweet roastiness and flavors of blueberry pie. Lactose, or milk sugar, is added along with oats for a silky medium body and a lush finish. Red Bull and vodka done the long way for old men; not teenagers.

For those who wonder about these differences, milk stouts use lactose — aka milk sugar — for their sweetness, which yeast cannot fully process. So you get a little more sweetness in flavor. Here, the brewers also use some coffee, so there’s some bitterness to create some flavor contrast.


Beer has a great roasted aroma of cafe au lait, and a very soft texture that makes it drinkable. Not thick like many stouts. The open is rather neutral, but then you a nice roasted finish with just enough lactose to bring a nice sweet kick at the end. Very mild in texture, which makes it sessionable, at least to me. 4.5 stars out of 5 stars.