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PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: How To Legally Watch Longhorn Network For Free This Weekend

You don’t have to surrender your computer to Russian hackers to keep enjoying LSU Baseball

This weekend LSU Baseball will embark on a very rare journey, an out-of-conference away weekend in Austin against the Texas Longhorns. The Tigers haven’t traveled out of state for an OOC weekend since 2007, when first year head coach Paul Mainieri took LSU out to Florida for a series at Stetson. As the back end of a home-and-home with Texas, it’s great to see two historic programs go at it in a genuine series, something I wouldn’t mind seeing LSU do more often (imagine home-and-home series against some of the west coast powers like CS Fullerton or Long Beach St.)

That is, it would be great to see it if I had the Longhorn Network. The Big 12 Debacle, Austin’s Folly, or whatever name you want to give the much maligned network, Texas’ home station has the exclusive TV rights for this weekend’s series between LSU and Texas. And catching Longhorn Network, even here in neighboring Louisiana, is an expensive and difficult proposition. LSU fans accustomed to booting up the ESPN app and tuning in to a home game on SECN+ are in for a rude awakening when they click on the game this Friday night and are told they don’t have access to the channel.

As a veteran of the 2011-2013 Houston Astros, I know a thing or two about illegally watching baseball from Texas that’s not broadcast in Louisiana, but I like to present to people legal options for streaming sports when I can. If you have Cox cable, or one of the dishes, you’ll likely need to pony up a pretty penny to activate whatever super ultra premium sports pak they offer that includes LHN. But here at ATVS, we’re all about cord-cutting. And since LHN is part of the ESPN family, all you really need is a login for the ESPN app that will give you access to the station.

Fortunately, an option exists that will allow anyone to access Longhorn Network completely for free for the weekend. Playstaion Vue isn’t the cord cutting service I would recommend to people because of various issues their platform has, and it’s a little more expensive than some of the other options, but for this weekend it will fill our needs perfectly. Vue is the only streaming platform that offers Longhorn Network nationally and even better, they offer a completely free 5 day trial.

Sign up for a free trial of the service and select the “Elite” channel tier, then add the Sports Pack in the additional channels section. This would cost $70 a month, but as long as you remember to cancel on Monday, you wont be charged anything. Once you’re setup, you could use the Playstation Vue website, or their app that’s available on multiple platforms like a Roku or Apple TV, or you can sign in to the ESPN app using your new PSVue login information. Either way, you’ll have free access to LHN for the whole weekend.

Just remember to cancel on Monday.