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National Signing Day 2019 Primer & Open Thread

Another class to put in the books.

LSU v Arkansas Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Welcome to the Thunderdome. The most important thing to remember about today is that if LSU signs a high-ranking recruit, he’s destined to be a star. If anyone else does, that player will bust. If LSU signs a 3-star or below, he’s the underrated gem of the nation. If anyone else signs a 3-star or below, LOL blue-chip ratio idiots. Without further adieu, let’s take one last look at LSU’s remaining targets with announcement times.

Byron Young, 8 A.M. CST

Contenders: Alabama, LSU, Mississippi State, Ole Miss

The big man from Mississippi decided not to sign in the early period, despite being verbally pledged to Alabama. He went ahead and took the rest of his official visits, including to LSU last weekend. He’s been pretty mum to media members and shut things down completely on Sunday night. The expectation here is that no one did enough to get him off his verbal pledge to Bama.

Christian Williams, 8 A.M. CST

Contenders: LSU, Miami, Texas A&M

This one took a twist. Williams came to Baton Rouge last weekend and the feeling immediately following visit is that he’d be signing with LSU. Many in the industry saw Williams winding up in Baton Rouge weeks ago, despite his verbal pledge to Alabama. Then, late Monday things seemed to take a turn as Williams made one last evaluation. Now it looks like he will head to Miami, who promised him a strict role as a boundary corner and to be the lead DB in their class. Frankly, it’s hard to fault a kid for wanting an easier path to the field, especially considering LSU signed three CBs and will sign another Safety today.

Garmon Randolph, 8:55 A.M. CST

Contenders: Baylor, LSU

Two choices here. LSU came on late and hosted Randolph this weekend. It feels a bit like if they want him, they can have him, but the staff continues to hold out hope that they will fill up without him. If Randolph pops for Baylor, that may be a sign that things are really looking good for LSU. If he gets a spot, well, LSU may have struck out on someone else they rated higher.

Charles Moore, 9:30 A.M. CST

Contenders: Auburn, Florida, Florida State, LSU, Mississippi State

Here’s the quick and dirty short story of Charles Moore:

  • Pledged to State in August 2017
  • Visited Auburn in December 2018, rumored favorite
  • Decommitted from State in January 2019
  • Visited Florida in January 2019, rumored favorite
  • Visited FSU in January 2019
  • State coaches show up to his school and try to persuade him to recommit and not take LSU visit
  • Visited LSU last weekend, rumored favorite
  • Sunday night in-home visit with State coaches, LSU possibly eliminated
  • Monday night LSU is trending with Auburn

This tells me that basically no one knows what this kid is gonna do. He’s gonna pull some hat tomorrow or maybe he won’t. That’s another rumor. Whenever he picks, it may well be a surprise to even that coaching staff. Hopefully he doesn’t find himself in a position of not having an offer any longer.

Maurice Hampton, 9:30 A.M. CST

Contenders: Auburn, LSU

Hampton pledged to LSU long ago but opted not to sign during the early period. He wanted to take more time to ensure he made the right decision, with the primary contender being Auburn. He visited Baton Rouge again, as a baseball prospect, and that seemed to solidify things. He will sign with LSU, but the question is, will he make it to campus? Hampton is a stud baseball player that could be drafted very highly.

Jay Ward, 12:05 P.M. CST

Contenders: Kentucky, LSU, Texas A&M

DB that’s bounced interest around for some time. At one point he looked like a sure take, then the jets cooled when it looked like Christian Williams would sign. Now, heat could be turning back up. I’m not expecting Ward to sign, but I wouldn’t be shocked if he did, either.

Devonta Lee, 12:45 P.M. CST - ESPN2

Contenders: Kentucky, LSU, Texas A&M

The multi-talented athlete from Amite will pledge on national television tomorrow. He’s stayed relatively mum throughout the process. Kentucky made a really strong pitch for Lee to be their top dog and to have an offense that flows through him. After strong consideration, it seems Lee came back around to what most expected all along. He will sign with LSU tomorrow.

Ishmael Sopsher - 12:45 P.M. CST - ESPN2

Contenders: Alabama, LSU

Little known prospect and teammate of Devonta Lee.

Look, every LSU fan is pinning their opinions of this signing class on the signing of Sop. Even the ones who swear he’s overrated, swear they don’t care, blah blah blah. His recruitment’s been tiresome and frankly, it has absolutely nothing to do with the kid. He’s been quiet, professional and handled his business throughout. He insists he wants to go to school with his older brother Rodney, who is now officially re-classified as a 2020 prospect. Opinions swing all over the map here, so I expect tomorrow to be no different.

Bama insiders are confident. LSU folks don’t seem to be. So I’m sticking with my prediction from last week. This is O’s big ruse. This is his big PR win. He’s got Sop and family in on it. Lead on the media. Lead on Bama. Then ink with LSU. O will claim the spoils of going head-to-head with Saban for a top-ranked recruit and keeping him home.

George Pickens, 1:30 P.M. CST

Contenders: Auburn, LSU, Miami, Tennessee

Real wild card here. Pickens likes to flirt. He’s a verbal commit to Auburn but rumors swirled that he may flip at various points as he continued to take visits. Our staff have remained in contact late but I think it’s over here. Pickens seems like he will sign with Auburn and maybe have to take the JUCO route as he is an extreme qualifying risk.

Ray Parker

Contenders: JUCO?

Parker’s situation turned into a mess and at this point LSU isn’t taking him. Or are they? Not sure if that can be rekindled but there’s a million rumors on this one. One minute LSU’s completely done with him, the next he’s likely to sign. Maybe he finds his way into the class or maybe he never makes it to LSU. Who knows anymore.


The surprise would be flipping Byron Young or inking Charles Moore. It’ll be a name above. If it’s a new name, expect it to be a lesser player the staff kept on ice, knowing they could pull at the last minute.

Enjoy the Day

This is a really good class, even if LSU only signs Lee and Hampton tomorrow. I’ll leave the analysis until the chips fall, but don’t get too wrapped up in any single recruit or storyline. To date, this has been one of the most positive offseasons in Baton Rouge in some time. Great day during the early period, huge bowl win, tons of returning talent, hiring Joe Brady... everything is coming up roses for Orgeron right now. Enjoy seeing these kids have their dreams come true. Geaux Tigers.