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GAMETHREAD: Baseball vs Nicholls, 6:30pm, SECN+


Abbreviated because we’re in a bit of a rush here. Saul Garza is getting his first start of the season at catcher tonight after his long recovery from a torn meniscus. Chris Reid is out as a precautionary measure due to arm soreness. And to complete the trilogy, Landon Marceaux is starting tonight after not being used over the weekend and being sick the last few days.

Nicholls (11-10, 3-3 Southland) is.....a .500 club that beat up on SWAC teams in the non-con, split their Southland weekends so far, and has lost to every one else in-state. They’ve already announced they be using at least 5 pitchers tonight, so put a pot of coffee on and lets all spend the night getting nervous about the tournament together.