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State Out-Lasts LSU in 17 Innings

Tigers drop record-long game in Hoover.

Gus Stark/LSU

It’s 3am.

LSU started Eric Walker. It didn’t go well. 2 runs in the 1st on an RBI double and a sac fly, another in the 3rd on an RBI single, and, worst of all, a bases loaded HBP in the 3rd. LSU got nothing until the 5th, when a bases loaded walk by Duplantis and a sac fly from Beloso cut the lead to 4-2.

The game continued with little action until the 8th. With Watson on base via HBP, DiGiacomo hit his first home run of the year to tie the game 4-4. Commentators hours later would call it a cruel joke.

Thus began The Darkest Timeline. LSU and Mississippi St set new records for the longest game in SEC Tournament and LSU history, by time, as both teams refused to find any offense. They combined to leave THIRTY EIGHT runners on base as no scoring would occur again until the 16th inning. For it’s part, LSU got stellar relief appearances from Beck, Hess, and Hilliard and prevented State from scoring for 12 straight innings.

In the 16th, DiGiacomo hit a bases loaded sac fly to score 1 and finally end the stalemate.

The joy ended immediately in the bottom of the 16th. With 2 outs and runners on first and third, LSU decided, after intentionally walking him multiple times earlier in the night, to pitch to THE GREATEST HITTER IN SEC HISTORY. So guess what happened? Jake Mangum hits a ground ball to 2nd that Broussard boots and State ties the game. I don’t have the functioning brain capacity right now to scream about how bad of a decision I thought that was both in the moment and now after the fact.

LSU went up and down in the top of the 17th, and then fatigue got to catcher Brock Mathis. Back to back dropped 3rd strikes, which could have ended the inning, instead put a runner on 2B with 2 outs. LSU intentionally walked another batter, then State RF Gunner Halter hit a ground ball into center. The throw home was wide and State scored, ending the madness 6-5 State.

LSU moves to the Losers Bracket, which means they’ll play Auburn in the 2nd game of the morning session on Thursday.

In 8.5 hours.

Marceaux is starting.

good morning.